Nov 3, 2011

A little girl named Amelia

A few more pictures to whet your appetite ...

Amelia snuggled a lot with my sister-in-law Patsy, who came and stayed the week after I got out of the hospital to help out. We miss her!

Amelia really is so huggable.

Her eyes are bluer than Nathaniel or Nick's were at 1 month old ... more like Jake's, which have remained bluish-grey.

Amelia is a Champion Rooter. If it's anywhere near time for a meal, she's rootin' around.

And if you wait too long, she'll let you know she's overdue.

She's a sound sleeper, and this week she's gone seven hours between nighttime bottles TWICE! (We schedule our babies, and they really respond well to a schedule.)

She doesn't take a paci all the time, but she likes to have one some of the time.

She's a doll and I can't get enough of her.


stollison said...

So yummy!

RLR said...

I had forgotten what one of those sweet toothless grins looks like! Around here, a 'toothless' grin means you are missing your top four, just waiting for the new ones to finally come in!
What a precious little girl - thanks for sharing her with us!

Maureen said...

She is beautiful! I am really curious about how you schedule her. Please fill me in!

Carry Grace said...

OH my goodness, she is sweet!


So cute...that crying picture is scary...I know how loud they can get :)

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