Oct 31, 2011



Seven. It blows my mind that you’re already 7 years old. We were just talking last week about the time you were suspended from daycare before you were even 2, and I remember that like it was yesterday. (You didn’t remember it at all, and you laughed so hard I thought you’d cry because you thought it was so funny.)

First grade is shaping up to be a good year for you already, and I hope it remains that way. You are loving Miss H, and she says you keep her on her toes. Your reading, spelling and math skills are so far beyond first grade that you’re still a little bored with classwork, but Miss H is trying hard to give you other things to do so you stay engaged and out of trouble.

You remain our most passionate child in every way. You love extreme sports, you take even horseplay very seriously, you’re competitive, and of course emotionally you’re the most “charged” of the bunch. I continue to admire your honesty in emotion – even though sometimes it’s amazing just how much emotion that little body of yours can dish out.  ;)

You just SAY what you feel, as well as FEEL what you feel, and darn everyone else. When you’re happy, you glow. (And dance, usually.) When you’re angry, you lash out. (And hit an inanimate object such as a wall, usually.) When you’re tired, you put yourself to bed. (With no bath and no change of clothes, usually.) And when you’re sad or hurt, you just let it all out. 

You were so incredibly excited about Amelia’s upcoming arrival throughout my pregnancy… you kept wishing she could be here TODAY instead of in a month, a week, a few days. You and Jake would lie in bed and talk about what it was going to be like once she got here. Now that she’s here, you are absolutely, totally in love with her. When you come home from school, you race into the den, drop your backpack and hug and kiss her. I love watching you interact with her, and I know that as she grows up, you will be her number-one protector. 

When you came into our lives seven years ago, I had no idea how much you would change me, and change my heart. You made it grow several sizes, and you continue to stretch it to fit your boundless personality. I always wonder what kind of impact you’re going to have on the world outside our doors, because I feel like you’re destined to do big things. Someone who fills a room up like you do is bound to, right?

I love you with all my heart and thank God for you every night. I pray that He holds you in the palm of His hand and that He guides you every step of the way. You will always be my precious, precious Nicholas!

I love you,


Sewconsult said...

A very BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Nicholas! Hope you have had a terrific day with lots of great presents!

Our older daughter's birthday was yesterday. She is 36 yrs old. I remember when she was in the first grade and having such great times having a birthday that could be celebrated with costumes, a party at school and lots of friends who thought that it was so neat to have a Halloween (almost) birthday.

Martha said...

I just clicked over to the story of Nicholas'... let's call them "transgressions" and I couldn't stop laughing! what a fabulous story! It made me think "I would like this Nicholas, if I met him!"

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