Sep 21, 2011

Starting the school year off right

Kind of strange for me to be posting two crafty topics in a row, but I guess I've just been doing a little more of it lately. Thank goodness for Pinterest (you can follow me by clicking on the button in the sidebar), because I've found so many great ideas there!

This one came from my Pinboard titled "Teacher Appreciation," because every year I struggle to come up with something both useful and unique, and it's HARD!

I wanted to give each of the big boys' teachers something for the classroom at the beginning of the year, and I saw this idea over at eighteen25 a while back.

I Pinned it at soon as I saw it, because I knew I wanted to remember it!

I opted to present the boys' teachers with the prints on bright-red clipboards rather than in a frame, simply because I thought it would be a lot more "work" for them to change the prints out of a frame than just to clip and unclip them from a clipboard.

I tried to include a print for each season, including boys' and girls' Happy Birthday prints and a couple of generic ones that can be used on any occasion.

I gave them a set of eight or nine prints, and they all came from eighteen25. Here's a link to their site, under the heading "Subway Art," which is where most of them came from. They have a new one they just introduced last week that I think I'm going to print out and send to school too, for Halloween!

I uploaded the files to Costco and printed 8x10s there for $1.50 each. And I got the clipboards from Amazon (they have lots of colors) for $4.99 each with free shipping, so the cost of the gift per teacher was really reasonable.

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Carrie said...

That is a very cool idea, I am a teacher too!

I do have a question. You are a soon to be Mom of 4. Do you have any strategies for getting kids to sleep? My almost 10 month old still does not sleep through the night. I am not opposed to cry it out, we did it with my first and it took months. This little one has severe reflux so unfortunately for me, if I let her cry too long it irritates things and she is in pain the entire next day. Last night she slept until 4 am, the longest she has ever done. I normally would be excited but she basically refused to nap the previous day so she was incredibly tired. I am so freaking tired. I go back to work in 2 months and I can not imagine surviving in a room of kids with autism feeling this tired!

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