Aug 12, 2011

Who sat where?

Pictured below are Grayson's, Nicholas' and Jake's spots at our breakfast table. I took these pictures after our meal the other night.

Guess whose is whose:




A - Nick
B - Jake
C - Grayson


But Grayson had cooked the meal AND cleaned up his place at the table when he was done, so no complaints here. I just thought it was funny and worth documenting for all eternity.


Sewconsult said...

SO funny. The other night, Bob started to hand me something that was next to his place. I asked him why he was handing it to me, since I had already taken a portion. "I just thought you'd put it somewhere 'over there'." UMMM... there are only 2 of us at the table & his arms are much longer than mine. It's like he has to have a clear area of space within so many inches of his placemat, etc.

Rachel said...

Nathan guessed correctly! That's hilarious!

HandyFamily said...

I totally knew where you were going with this one! Fathers gotta love them!

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