Aug 27, 2011

When I saw this at 22 Words last week, it stopped me in my tracks.

I am always concerned (read: I think about this concept about 15 times a week) that sometimes I give our boys the impression that if they'd just act a certain way or be more like such-and-such, they'd be better people.
Granted, I never say those words, and I try never to compare them to other people. But they are so perceptive -- all three of them -- that I worry they might construe any criticism from me as a sign that I wish they were different.

Do you ever worry about that?


ginmommy said...

I honestly don't worry about that, but now that you've brought it up I will probably start. Ha!

I worry about almost everything, but I do have one that probably tops them all. It's that I tell them what's important life, but my actions show them differently.

Sewconsult said...

I have never had a great deal of self-convidence because of my bullying brother. (he's gone and I don't miss him, but I know his family does) My mother is extremely critical, even at 91. When I walked in to see her the day after I had my hair colored, she went on a rant about that my beautician was ruining my hair. I told my sister that it was really hard for me to even sit there for the time that I did. I know that I will miss her when she is gone, but in the meantime (Really mean time), it's difficult.

Anonymous said...

I am with you. I worry about stuff like that. I am always wondering if I am doing or saying things that will make them feel bad about know, those things that we will only find out about when they are 35...and are in therapy. :)

But...I think in reality, they absolutely know they are loved...just like I bet your kiddos absolutely know they are loved!!! And love covers a multitude of sins, right? That's really what I tell myself to make me feel better. :)

Have fun on your mini-vacation. I may or may not be breaking a commandment by coveting your vacation...cause I'd like to be floating in a pool right now.

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