Aug 19, 2011

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 18

1. I bought a serving of banana pudding last week at lunch. I then promptly fished out all of the bananas before eating the pudding, Nilla Wafers and meringue. To my mind, I actually reduced the calories I took in by eliminating the bananas from the mix. Yeah, let’s go with that.

2. I kept smelling urine whenever I'd sit on the couch, but I knew I'd already cleaned up all of Jake's pee (he's potty training) that I knew about. I went around smelling all the cushions and found the culprit. As I was cleaning it up and muttering to myself about kids who pee on the couch, I remembered that I'd been reading Damn You Auto Correct in that spot not too long ago. Sometimes I laugh so hard when I read that website that ... well ... Huh.

3. It really irks me when other people's kids (who I don't know) glom onto me at the pool. It's perfectly fine with me if they want to play with my KIDS, but when they want me to throw the dive sticks for them, or they want to swim between my legs or really just want to TALK to me, I'm thinking, "Where are your parents? Why don't you go play with THEM?" Because quite frankly, having my own kids is quite enough, thanks.

4. The nursery is currently 5 percent complete. This is why I haven't shown you any pictures of it. But hopefully by Labor Day, it will be 90 percent complete. Fingers crossed, Internet, fingers crossed.

5. I wrote a post about my butthole.


Wade's World said...

Seriously, you own me...So.Stinking.Funny!

Lorie said...

That just makes you real, lovable, approachable and feel like you are already friends.
Be blessed!

Rachel said...

After four children Always pantiliners have become my friends... just sayin'. :)

Katie said...

There was a boy in Will's class that always wanted to see my camera at their little preschool events or birthday parties. If I took a picture that he had any chance of being in, he would run up "I wanna seeee..." and then try to wrench the camera from my hands.

His mom was never there, so I felt bad for him. Not bad enough to let him have my camera though.

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