Aug 9, 2011

It was on clearance, so I bought it

You know I recently set up a redneck slip-n-slide, since we haven't had a "real" one in a few years. But when the boys and I hit Target last weekend, we found one on clearance and put it in our cart.

Grayson and I set it up a few days ago, and the boys gave it a whirl ... fully-clothed, for some reason.

Jake was reluctant to try it at first.

So the big boys showed him how it's done.

They slid so quickly I couldn't get any pictures in focus using my phone.

Eventually Jake decided to try to walk it.

And he finally decided to try to slide if I'd hold his hand.

I wasn't sure how long everyone would be interested.

But as it turned out, they wanted to slip and slide for a good, long while.

We'd set it up so it ran downhill ...

So they were able to work up quite a bit of speed each time.

Long story short, our attempt met with several sets of "thumbs up."

So I imagine we'll be pulling it back out again soon!


Jenny said...

that thing is awesome!

Martha said...

I remember when slip and slides were straight lines with no "pool" at the end! That thing is amazing. I wonder if our target has any left!

Rachel said...

Looks perfectly fun to me!!!

Rachel said...

That's so funny! I love finding things on clearance. They're building their own water park, one ride at a time. There's the 'blue streak', the 'redneck slipper', and the 'splash zone'. (the wading pool on the deck) How fun!

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