Aug 3, 2011

Indoor fun and games. And stressors. And meltdowns.

Grayson flew to Minneapolis on business early Sunday afternoon, so I took the boys to an indoor play place about 30 minutes away to spend a couple of hours. We'd never been before, so I wasn't sure how successful a venture it would be.

After checking in, we first headed over to the treehouse area, which was a really tall play area. I think when I took this picture, Jake was somewhere inside that tree. (I apologize in advance for the pictures; these were all taken with my phone!)

The big tree connected to the rest of the playset, which was surrounded by metal screening. I liked the screen, because it provided a barrier, but I could still see the boys and keep track of them as they ran around in there. Sort of. Because they were in there when I took this picture, but I have no idea where.

Oh ... there came Nick and Jake.

After they'd played in the play area for a while, we moved over to the arcade games. Those cost money, so I didn't want to exclusively do that all afternoon. They each had a prepaid card that had $15 on it, and I told them that when the money ran out, there was no more where that came from.

Jake wanted to try the Batman mallet game. The mallet weighed as much as he does.

The big boys really wanted to move on to Skeeball, and it was just a little stressful for me because -- as you can see in the background -- it was pretty crowded in there. I needed us to all stay together, because I knew that it would only take a few seconds for us to get separated. I wanted to be able to see them at all times.

So, we went to Skeeball. The big boys were thrilled! Wait. What's that thing on the ground behind Nicholas? Oh, no worries. THAT'S JUST MY 3-YEAR-OLD HAVING A MELTDOWN, IS ALL.

Luckily it only lasted as long as it took for another lane to open up. THEN he was pleased as punch.

I did end up allowing the big boys to stick to Skeeball while I took Mr. Fussypants Who Has To Have His Way over to the motorcycle race ride. (Skeeball was about 10 feet behind us. And I made Nicholas and Nathaniel promise to stay together.)

After their prepaid cards ran out of funds AND we'd established that I'd been telling the truth when I'd said that there would be no replenishing of the money, the big boys went together up to the front desk to redeem their tickets for "prizes." And when they came back, they were worried because Jake and I had shifted about 10 feet to the left of where we'd been, and Nick and Nathaniel couldn't find us right away.

It was about this time that I wondered if all the flop sweat in which I was covered from the stress of a very crowded, new-to-us place was worth it.

I said, "No more separating. All together from now until the time we leave." So the big boys got to watch Jake go through his last $3 like it was water.

All in all, with Grayson gone and many hours to kill, it was an okay experience. But it would have been MUCH more enjoyable if I'd had a second pair of eyes with me.


stollison said...

That experience at the ocean really scarred you!

Sewconsult said...

Too bad that don't suggest putting tethers on kids. Another reason why I only had 2 daughters. 2 hands can hold onto 2 kids! Glad the boys had a good time. Don't you look forward to a time when Jake is too old for a public meltdown. Oh, that's right, you have another one on the way. At least you're experienced.

Rachel said...

We went there about a month ago, and oddly enough I just found a picture I took that day that is absolutely PRICELESS. It's a fun place, isn't it?

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