Jul 2, 2011

May the Force be with your sandwiches

A couple of weeks ago, sweet blog reader Beth sent me an e-mail to let me know that Williams-Sonoma had its Star Wars sandwich cutters on sale.

I went and checked it out, and sure enough, it looked like a good deal. (Thanks, Beth!) I already have the pancake molds, so these were great companions to add to our collection.

Soon after they arrived, I made our first set. This plain peanut butter sandwich

plus this Millennium Falcon cutter

made a [pretty passable] COOL sandwich!

Does mine look as good as the one in the promotional photo? No, it does not. Did I make another one to try to do a better job? No, I did not. I simply moved on to the Tie Fighter.

It came out slightly better, although it's not fantastic, either. But you know what? The boys didn't care. They loved them!

Note: We arrive at the beach today, so this week will be heavy on beach-related posts. Not sure how many I'll have time to write, but I'll do my best!


April Kennedy said...

have so much fun at the beach! our beach time is in a few weeks!! :)

Martha said...

You're going to need a barbie sandwich cutter soon! My girls like Star Wars, but not that much!!

Enjoy your vacation!

Beth, Joshua, Isabella, McKinley and AnnaKate said...

Oh yeah!!! I'm so glad you got them!

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