Jun 17, 2011

Checkerboard floors update

Some of you who've been around for ages might remember that a couple of years ago, we helped our friend John and Leslie do some work in their kitchen.

We painted their kitchen cabinets ...

And we taped off and painted a checkerboard pattern on their hardwood floors.

They were REALLY pleased with the look, but the paint (which we sealed with wax, not with poly), didn't hold up to high traffic (and four energetic kids in a home-schooling household) as well as Leslie had hoped. She thought it would age more naturally than it did ... in reality, it got gouged and flaked pretty quickly.

So late last month, she and John repainted the squares and applied a satin-finish poly that they're hoping will prove more durable:

Since the original post generated a lot of interest, I wanted to give you the update in case you were considering something similar for your home!


Ole Miss Mom said...

I had purple and white checkerboard hardwoods painted in my bedroom growing up. And the walls were little purple polka dots. I was so mad (at age 17) when my mom decided to paint the wall (grey) and carpet the floor!

It was my favorite room ever!!!

Martha said...

beautiful! my friend has a white wash checkerboard on the hardwood in her dining room. I like the black on wood, too.

Sewconsult said...

We only have hardwood in the foyer (for now). When we had them refinished after water damage, I had the guy mix a high gloss and satin finish together to get a less glossy finish. It came out perfect. The guy had never done it before & was surprise and pleased.

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