May 11, 2011

Nathaniel's birth story

FAIR WARNING: unedited live-birth pictures to follow. Also, they are pictures of pictures, since this was pre-digital and I'd already scrapbooked the prints.

While we're awaiting the birth of our next little one, I thought I'd revisit the births of the other three for a trip down Memory Lane. Since I didn't start blogging until after Jake was born, the three stories will be new for [almost] everyone.

Nathaniel was due on Dec. 31, 2002, and at that point, Grayson was traveling most days of every week. He planned to come off the road two weeks in advance, and three weeks before I was due, I had a false alarm that sent me to the hospital -- while Grayson was out of town. Not having had contractions before, I wasn't sure what to expect, and when I started having some, a friend took me on to the hospital. We called Grayson, but a snowstorm had trapped him and he was unable to get home immediately.

Luckily that trip ended up being false labor, and once Grayson got home that week, he decided not to leave again until after Nathaniel was born!

My last day at work during that pregnancy was December 15th, and on the 19th -- a day when Grayson had previously been scheduled to be in Akron, Ohio -- my water broke at home around 9 a.m. My contractions were only two minutes apart, so I called Grayson at work so he could drive me to the hospital. THESE contractions were The Real Deal. I was doubled over in pain and couldn't breathe through them.

After a quick stop at the OB's office to confirm that it was actually labor that time, the nurse wheeled me downstairs to L&D. Unfortunately, there weren't any rooms available when we got there, so I waited in a chair in the hallway for about an hour. While sitting there, I dilated to 4 cm and was 90% effaced. Incidentally, I also thought I was dying, as my contractions were only a minute and a half apart, and I'd had nothing for pain, not so much as a dadblasted Tylenol.

Once I finally got put in a room, the nurses tried four times to insert an IV ... but were unsuccessful. My veins weren't cooperating so well ... I believe they were trying to flee my body because of the pain.  ;)  Ultimately they decided to call the anesthesiologist, who got the IV running AND was able to give me the epidural I so desperately wanted.

My sister and my parents arrived from Atlanta, and at about 7:10 p.m., I started pushing. An hour and a half later, Nathaniel was born!

Dec. 19, 2002
8:45 p.m.
7 pounds, 4 ounces
19.75 inches long

I'd watched the entire thing in a mirror and was COMPLETELY blown away by the miracle of life. I mean, COMPLETELY. Quite frankly, it just doesn't seem like our bodies should be able to do that. (Can I get an AMEN, ladies?)

Having nothing to which to compare it, I thought Nathaniel's labor and delivery was quite eventful (I did have to have an oxygen mask for the last hour or so). Little did I know, his would be the least dramatic of the three I've experienced so far!


stollison said...

Aw!!! It amazes me that he already looked like Nathaniel right out of the womb. I definitely remember how much he was playing with his tongue, sticking it in and out all night. That is a cute picture. But I forgot how big his balls were!

ginmommy said...

I love hearing birth stories :-)

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