May 25, 2011

Breathing room

Yesterday was my birthday, so I gave myself a bit of a blogging break last night. I decided to just cobble together a few things that had tickled my fancy recently rather than write something new. This was made easier by the fact that I haven't taken any pictures since we went to Alabama Adventure over the weekend, so there were no captions just waiting to be written.

While I'm thinking about it, do you guys like all the birthday greetings you get on Facebook? I love being reminded of how many people love me, but my phone was chiming ALL DAY yesterday with more than 100 notifications from Facebook from well-wishers. The funniest thing is, some of the people who took the time to wish me a happy birthday, I didn't even remember I was friends with on Facebook. That is largely because I have "hidden" about 50 people because they update their statuses like every 75 seconds and I found it annoying.


I love this:

And this makes me laugh, because my boys would have it if they could (but it's not Emily A. Clark-approved):

I'm a huge fan of Chicago, and I think this picture (from twenty-two words) is just amazing:

And these all remind me of growing up. I love that Sugar Belle.

See you when I decide I have something new to talk about!


Catie said...

Happy Birthday :)

Sewconsult said...

Happy Birthday to another Gemini. I knew there must be a common bond besides motherhood, our mutual sense of humor and the South! Hope you had a great day and lots of rest, well at least the pleasure of going to the bathroom alone.

Rachel said...

I love the cops! However, this morning I posted the birthday song to my sister for her birthday and accidentally put the wrong name in. She texted me with a question mark. I felt awful! And kind of amused.

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