Apr 15, 2011



Ohhhh, my sweet Jakey. Tomorrow you will be THREE! I can’t believe it! You can’t either … you’ve been resisting this day for months now. You keep saying, “No! I two! I two!” when we try to tell you that you’re turning three. You really love two. And when we talk about the baby on the way, you say, “NO. I DAH BABY.” You’re not quite ready to relinquish your coveted status yet. And I, for one, think it’s adorable.

Daddy and I think you may be our “shy guy.” Of the three boys, you’re the one who goes off and plays by yourself, heading over to the corner behind the couch and playing on your DSi for two hours without a peep.

You routinely leave the supper table after just a few bites to go watch TV all by yourself. And since you can work the TiVo remote and Now Playing List like a champ, you’re completely self-sufficient.

Another thing you take care of all by yourself is snack time. When you’re hungry, you go to the pantry and usually pull out one of two things: the jar of peanuts (which you pour into the top and pick nuts out of) or the huge bag of dried fruit from Costco. If it’s not peanuts or dried fruit, you open the fridge and get a cheese stick or Trix yogurt. And sometimes you walk away, leaving the door open and all the food to go warm. !!

You are by far the most affectionate one in our family. When Daddy picks you up from school, you run full-speed toward him and tackle him in a hug. You do the same when you find me at home once you guys arrive there. You lean your head against me while we watch SuperWhy!, Little Einsteins and Toy Story, and you snuggle with me when we read every night. You won’t have snuggle time with me in the rocker anymore after lights-out, because you’re so afraid you’re going to hurt my tummy. I try to reassure you that it’s okay, but you’re set on it. It’s so sweet.

You want to go everywhere, even if there’s nothing for you to do. You love the ballpark, and you clap loudly for Nathaniel during his baseball games. You hang out at the BMX track and the skateboard park, just playing with rocks and dirt while your brothers ride their bikes and boards. You rarely complain about it … you just want to be with all of us.

You LOVE jumping on the trampoline, with your brothers or by yourself. You’re capable of riding a bike with training wheels, but you don’t like it yet. (I don’t think it will be long, though.) You’re such a wonderful companion for all of us, and I can’t imagine our family without you … our sweet Jakey.

We love you so, so much!



Rachel said...

Ooo! Where's my spoon? I could just eat him up! Happy Birthday little man. I hope that love three as much as you love two!

Jenny said...

He's so precious!!!

Grape News said...

It's those eyes and those dimples and that smile. He's just so darn cute!

stollison said...

I love him so much. He is scrumptious.

Rachel said...

He's PRECIOUS!!! Happy Birthday!!

Sewconsult said...

Don't tell him, but I think he is sOOoo cute. A big happy birthday to the big boy.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

It's nice to know that everyone else wants to sop him up with a biscuit, too. ;) Thanks for loving my little man.

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