Apr 7, 2011

There are worse ways to spend a Spring day

I love the way they huddle before each game

and the way Coach Mike prays with them before they take the field.

I love how Nathaniel takes pride in his position in right field,

knowing that it's his job to get the ball back in if it gets hit that far out.

Sometimes it's amusing to watch him check his glove out, just for kicks,

when he gets a little bored.

But it's only momentary boredom, and then he's fully focused again.

I love how he doesn't shoo me away or ask me to stop taking pictures. Yet.

I love that he's such a consistent hitter,

and I never tire of watching him hit those singles,

never tire of hearing the ball clang off that bat,

never tire of watching him throw the bat behind him

and run as though his life depends on it

toward the safety of First Base.

I love how once he gets there,

he's on full alert, ready to dash to Second.

And it melts my heart when I realize that he's looking for me, making sure I'm watching.

So even though I see this exact stance

six or seven times most Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings,

I can't say that I've gotten tired of it yet.

My hiney and I may disagree on this point at the moment,

but I'd be hard-pressed to find a better place to be than parked on the bleachers with this view twice a week.


momof4inNY said...

You will never tire of seeing your son on a baseball field--I know I won't:) Our season hasn't officially started here--we are in NY where it's too cold to play ball yet:( I LOVE to watch my son on the field!!

Mandy's Memories said...

Great pics! My son plays T-Ball at a church and I love the way they pray before each game and have a devotion at the break.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Mom of 4, I haven't gotten tired of it yet! But Nathaniel says this is probably his last season for baseball ... he wants to try Tae Kwon Do, so we'll see.

Mandy, I love the prayer, too! I didn't even know they did it until I was down there taking pictures ... I thought it was just part of the huddle.

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