Apr 17, 2011

One year

Today it's been a year.

If you've been reading for the last year -- or longer -- perhaps it's as hard for you to wrap your head around it as it is for me to do it.

One year ago today, Kyser died.

When I was in the doctor's office this week, wondering if our baby had died, my thoughts ran rampant. One train of thought centered around the fact that I really didn't want to add another loss to April's tally. For such a beautiful month, it's now fraught with sadness for me.

While it will always mean celebrating our sweet Jake's birthday, it will also carry the burden of being the month in which we lost both Gabe and Kyser.

I have great hope for April, that it will find more ways to redeem itself for our family. I know we'll never forget our losses, but I would love to add more smiles to the month as well.

Please keep both sides of our family in your thoughts and prayers this week.

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