Apr 13, 2011

I can't math

Internet, this is EXACTLY how I feel every time I go to tip a waitperson at a restaurant:

I can grammar, though, so I wouldn't have made that particular gaffe.

However, it occurs to me that maybe I don't HAVE to math at all. Maybe if I just scribble an illegible tip amount and list a legible total, they can calculate the tip on their own, those people with a calculator or a cash register or whatever.

Can I? Huh? Can I?


Jenny said...

You make me want to move wherever you live and become your friend! You're hilarious.

My blog is private b/c I was freaked out by some random comments-you are welcome to read it...just shoot me an email at jlschardt@yahoo.com if you want an invite. :)

Happy Wed.!

Rachel said...

lol. Yes, you can. I used to work as a waitress and it doesn't matter what is written on the tip line but what you write on the total. So go ahead and write your tip into your total! You can write a million dollar tip but if the total line only shows a $2 tip that's all they will get.

stollison said...

One of the best quotes from a movie ever is Troy Dyer (Ethan Hawke) in Reality Bites saying, "I was told there'd be no math."

jenlar3 said...

I love the easy to use tip calculator on my cell phone!

AJ said...

I'm with jenlar3, that tip calculator comes in handy.

Sewconsult said...

Ok, I have a simple solution...well, at least for eating here. Our tax is 9.5% which means that if you double the tax then round it up, you are giving almost 20% tip. I think that is usually deserved, if not, I give lots less!

Hope all is great this week.

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