Feb 3, 2011

You get what you get and you don't pitch a fit

I'm so tired of this Sinus Shizzle I've had all week that I can barely stand it. And if you follow me on Twitter, you can barely stand ME by now. I've been quite obnoxious with all the updates about my health status all week, virtually every 11 minutes or so.

Today I feel a little more human, but for those keeping track at home, I'm still running a fever, still can't breathe and still sound like a man when I talk. Nonetheless, I owe you SOMEthing. So here goes ... some thoughts that my fever-addled brain has been storing up over the last few days:

1. I do not miss Simon, Kara or Ellen one teeny, tiny bit. Because Steven Tyler, he is a revelation the likes of which Idol hasn't seen in its however-many years on television. They have to bleep him all night long, but my goodness. The humor, the honesty, the entertainment. I don't know if it was all those drugs he used to take or if it's just innate, but the man has got it goin' on. And despite what a diva some people are saying Jenny from the Block is, I can't help liking her.

2. I had never heard of these until a few days ago. But now I'm obsessed with trying them. Has anyone else tasted them?

They're Special K Sea Salt Cracker Chips. I'm all about the sodium, unfortunately, and sea salt is my favorite form of it. These have owned our house for about a year now, and all of the boys love them as much as I do:

3. I totally wish I'd seen this video before Christmas. I've never been what you'd call a Master of Gift Wrapping. I wish I could do it well, but to be frank, I just do it the way I learned when I was 12, and I've never made an effort to up my game. THIS GUY has me rethinking the way I've wrapped every gift over the last 25 years. Seriously. Please watch and be appropriately schooled, as I was. (I can't embed it here, for some reason.)

And Lisa, I know you don't watch videos because "they take too long to load," but with your history as a Seasonal Gift-Wrapper Extraordinaire at McRae's, please watch this one. And then teach me how to do it.


Lacy said...

Did he wrap a gift that was already wrapped? Weird! Hope you feel better SOON!!!

Lisa said...

I have watched that one because it is very short. That is not the way I was taught at McRaes.

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