Feb 21, 2011

Time to get excited!

First things first: you know how in Breaking Dawn when Bella's pregnant with Edward's vampire baby and she's so debilitated because the baby's trying to kill her from the inside out? Yeah. LIVING IT.

[I feel like that first paragraph belongs in an Uncomfortable Truths post. Hi. My name is Katherine and I read the Twilight series in less than a week when I was 36 years old. And THOROUGHLY enjoyed it.]

Anyway, by the grace of God, it's a federal holiday and my workplace is closed for the day, so I'm able to stay at home in bed. There was absolutely no hope of getting a post up earlier this morning, but now here I am! Yea!

And talk about burying the lead (or, as the journalist I am should say, "burying the lede"), but the items for sale in Jonah's EB Auction were posted last night for previews, and I'd be forever grateful if you'd go over and take a look.

You know those things you're always seeing online in giveaways and such that you'd love to have but you don't feel like it's worth entering the giveaway because either 1) you know you'll never win because you'd be one in 4,000 entrants, or 2) the blogger has stupid Word Verification turned on and in combination with #1, you simply don't want to spend the time and effort to enter?

WELL. I'm here to tell you that Jonah's EB Auction is CHOCK-FULL of all that handmade goodness that you're always wishing you could win! And the winners aren't chosen randomly in an auction. You win if you place the highest bid (and can PAY for the item, of course). The auction runs from 8 p.m. EST on Thursday the 24th through 8 p.m. EST on Sunday the 27th, so it's a multi-day event.

I am most proud of the online merchants I contacted -- and from whom I regularly buy things -- for their beautiful donations, but there are SO MANY amazing things that I know I'll end up bidding on far more than I should. But my "friends" who donated include:

Lisa Leonard Designs
A small, smooth drop necklace featuring the word "LOVED." As they point out, it would look just as fabulous with jeans as it would with a little black dress. I've ordered three of Lisa's pieces as gifts, and having met her in person several months ago, I can tell you that I am so proud to support her work ... she is beautiful inside and out.

Funky Vintage Kitchen
A silver-and-turquoise "Keep Calm and Carry On" necklace. When I initially asked April for an auction item, she not only offered up one of her most popular items, but she also let Katie and Patrice choose the color. I love April! And this piece may look familiar to you because I featured April's shop not too long ago.

A custom rubber address stamp. I have one, and I ADORE it! I've stamped more than 800 envelopes with it (I know this because I've used it for two Christmases and regular mail), and I didn't need to replace the inkpad inside it until about 700 stamps. And the replacement inkpad is only $7! LOVE.

3Ts and Me
A chocolate T-shirt featuring the name of your choice. I've been buying from Tiffany for years now, and her shirts are of the highest quality. They also rank up there as one of the most-asked questions I receive via Comments and e-mail anytime I photograph my kids in her shirts: "Those shirts are so cute! Where did you get them?"

So go take a look at everything that's available, make a list of what you'd like to bid on, and get ready for Thursday ... let's raise some money to cure EB!


Rachel said...

You're hilarious! And boy, do I feel for you! We stayed in bed today as well. I pulled a muscle in my back about a week and half ago and feel like I need a walker when I leave the house. It's beginning to get ridiculous. ~Granny

Sewconsult said...

Guess I should read the Twilight series! (I'll pass.)

Enjoy your day of rest.

Unknown said...

I triple puffy heart love Twilight!!!

Amanda said...

I swooned when you mentioned Twilight! I read the whole series in 4 days, did nothing else! It's captivating! I also stood in line for 5-8 hours at every midnight premiere....but I'm only 23 so maybe we'll let it slide?

Green Door Girl said...

I LOVE Twilight and have read the series twice in less than a week each time and I am 35 - no shame, no shame! :) I so want that address stamp - too cute!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Rachel, how terrible! I've had back issues before (and they're actually rearing their ugly heads again with this pregnancy), so I know how hard that is. Grannies unite!

Beckie, Ha! Yeah, you might want to skip Twilight. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it (well, I enjoyed the STORY; the writing was a little disappointing). I guess that's what you get when you read books written for tweens!

Trista, I didn't expect to read more than part of the first one, but I was hooked. I even read the online extra book (Edward's version).

Amanda, I know what you mean! I haven't waited in line to see the movies, but we HAVE seen them all. They're not as good as the books in my opinion, but Edward Pattinson is a cutie-pie.

Jenn, yeah, I'm right there with you! Mid-30s and couldn't put the books down. ;)

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