Feb 7, 2011

24x24: Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011

Grayson took Nathaniel and Nicholas to Pensacola on a Cub Scout campout over the weekend, so it was just me and Jakey at home. If you follow me on Twitter or keep track in my sidebar, you know that Saturday we spent a good chunk of the cold, rainy day at the McWane Center downtown and went out for Chinese that night.

Yesterday we spent several hours of the GORGEOUS day at a local park, then came home and played in the backyard with our dog our neighbors' dog Maisy. Jake loves to feed her treats, and BOY does she love Jake. Big smiles out of both of them for two hours.

My face looked this happy, too. It felt amazing to be outside in beautiful weather after being cooped up inside, sick, for a week!

Feeding Maisy treats from his perch in our rock wall ...

If you look closely, you can see how much she liked the roughly 35 treats he fed her ... a drool string from his hand to her mouth.

Since we don't have a dog of our own, you'll have to excuse the number of pictures of Maisy here. At 2 years old, she's finally gotten calm enough to play in our yard with the boys, and I love it.

Her legs are a blur because she circles our yard at about 65 miles per hour.

24x24 is a series posted at totally irregular and unpredictable intervals. I invite you to participate anytime you'd like! Simply post 24 pictures from a 24-hour time period. You can just post the pictures alone, caption them, put a time stamp on each one ... whatever you'd like. If you'd like to write a 24x24 post of your own, grab the button at the top right of my blog and come back and let me know when you've published your post. I'd love to visit!


Lacy said...

He. Is. Just. Precious. And it's SO not fair to be a boy and have EYELASHES a mile long!!! I'm so jealous!

Rachel said...

I bet Jakey loved having you all to himself all weekend long. Maisy is beautiful. I can't wait for our puppy to grow up a bit and calm down.

paige said...

Precious photos of Jakey. Maisy is beautiful. :)

René said...

I don't know Katherine, it looks like a dog would fit right into your family. Very cute!


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