Jan 4, 2011

The trouble with migraines

I had a headache yesterday afternoon that turned into a migraine last night. I got in bed at 6:00 but didn't get rid of the migraine and fall asleep until 2:45. Therefore, I didn't get to:
  • eat supper
  • play with the boys
  • fold the clean clothes
  • catch up with Grayson
  • watch How I Met Your Mother
  • watch Hawaii Five-0
  • watch The Bachelor
  • catch up on Google Reader
  • Tweet
  • blog
Migraines completely stink.


Green Door Girl said...

poor thing, I am glad you are better and yes the do suck!

Sewconsult said...

Hope you are feeling ok today. I usually feel like I have been run over by a bus, after a migraine. I use 3 reg aspirins to stop it during the visual aura and tongue nerve stage. Sometimes it works.

Janine Claire Robinson said...

That is so horrible! I hope you are feeling better today. BIG hugs xoxo

Wade's World said...

I get migraines too, and had one last night also! I wonder if it was the weather...

Does caffeine help at all? It sometimes can stave on off for me, but it's tricky when they come on at night, because then I can't sleep anyways.

Hope you feel better!

P.S. I got to see "the slap" on the Bachelor last night, and it was completely overrated.

AJ said...

Another sufferer and Yes they sure do SUCK.

123 said...

Awww! That stinks! Hope you feel better.

Rachel said...

sniff. sniff. That's me sniffing in sympathy...and a cold. We can be miserable together.

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

Oh my goodness...how awful my dear. May I ask {here comes the pharmacist in me} if you take anything for them OTC or Rx? You poor thing. I hope today rebounds with pain free clarity.


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I wish so many of you didn't suffer from migraines, too! It's just one of the worst feelings in the world to know one is coming on and you can't stop it. GAH.

Amy, caffeine doesn't seem to help. IF ONLY.

E, I take Anaprox and follow it up with Imitrex. Those two are new to me after being on Axert for about 10 years.

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