Jan 23, 2011

Sources of enjoyment this week

I don't have a wood-burning fireplace, but if I did, I'd love for my woodpile to look like this (via Failblog Wins):

You know we're big Star Wars and LEGO fans around here. We're not beer drinkers, but if we were, I'd probably print this out and hang it above our imaginary home keg (via 22 Words):

I don't fly often, but I really enjoy it. I know a lot of people don't like it, but I've always found it fascinating. As comedian Louis CK says when he's explaining his incredulity about people who complain about flying in his bit "Everything's amazing and nobody's happy":

People ... act like their flight was a cattle car in the '40s in Germany ... It was the Worst Day of my LIFE. First of all, we didn't board for 20 minutes. And then we get on the plane and they made us SIT there. On the RUNWAY. For 40 MINUTES.

Oh REALLY? And what happened next? Did you FLY? Through the AIR? Incredibly, like a BIRD, did you partake in the MIRACLE OF HUMAN FLIGHT, you non-contributing ZERO? ... You're sitting in a chair, in the SKY.

Which, by the way, if you've never watched that clip in its entirety, please take this opportunity to do so. It is so incredibly on-the-mark.

Yes, there are many reasons that flying can "go wrong," but please take a minute and hop over to read about an airline pilot doing a great thing. What a great way to end the week!


paige said...

I'm with you - I fly A LOT and I love it. I'm always amazed when people complain about it. I'd fly to work everyday if I could. :)

Rachel said...

I love the lego guys drinking beer! That was awesome.

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