Jan 21, 2011

A perfectly lovely evening

** There are links in this post that don't seem to be showing up as a different color of text. But the Lisa Leonard references at the bottom have links attached to them.  **

Last night I attended a baby shower for a dear friend who adopted a little girl five months ago. The theme was "diamonds and denim," and although I don't own any diamonds and I came straight from work so I wasn't in denim, I went anyway. It was beautifully done!

Doran, the homeowner and co-hostess, made some beautiful blue martinis. She said her secret ingredient was white grape juice. WHO KNEW? Well, if you drink martinis (I'd never had one before), maybe you knew. But I didn't. They were so pretty!

Doran warmed up the room with a roaring fire in the fireplace, which made the setting so cozy.

The two most stylish members of our Bunko group, Laura and Doran, co-hosted the shower. Laura was in sequins, fur and zippered jeggings. See? STYLISH.

Our whole group ... our Bunko group has been together for 10 years, and although people have come and gone, the majority of the group was there in the very beginning.

Holli got some wonderful gifts ranging from the practical (wipes) to the pretty (clothes) to the keepsake (a Lisa Leonard necklace).

Do you guys know about Lisa Leonard's jewelry and accessories? We gave my mom and our babysitter each an LL keychain for Christmas, and they loved them. For Holli, I thought that this necklace featuring each of their family member's names and a heart was really symbolic of their journey to adopt Leighton.

I wish I wore jewelry, because I would love to have one of these or a similar one. But I just don't wear jewelry! I don't even have pierced ears.

But seeing their family encapsulated here, like this, might make me reconsider. I met Lisa at an event several months ago when she came to Birmingham, and she is so sweet and humble. If you'd like to know more about her and her designs, you can visit her blog and her shop.


paige said...

It looks very nice. :) I've always admired people who chose to adopt, even if they can't have their own children. That must be a tough process...but really, really rewarding. If I had enough money, there's absolutely no doubt that I'd do it.

I didn't know your ears weren't pierced.

Lacy said...

I love Lisa Leonard's stuff! I have the Fly Free necklace and I love it! I ordered two necklaces from her for family Christmas gifts and they love them (I also ordered 2 gifts from The Vintage Pearl- and they are nice but I like Lisa Leonard's better).

And Katherine- live a little. Pierce your ears! LOL! :o)

Megan said...

It is really cool that you have a group of women that are committed to getting together and keeping their relationships going. It's hard to find lasting friendships in my small town, especially at my age!

Also, those blue martinis are adorable!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Paige, it is rewarding but can also be heartbreaking. I have friends who've seen both sides of the coin.

Lacy, I love LL, too! Gorgeous things. And I'm good with just the holes God gave me, thanks. Not feeling any need to add to them. ;)

Megan, my friends are so important to me ... second only to my family.

Rachel said...

I love LL. I keep hoping I'm going to win one someday. My sister has adopted one boy and is in the process of adopting another. That's after giving birth to her other 6 children. My other sister has adopted two girls from China and they are in the process of getting a little boy from China.

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