Jan 30, 2011

It's the little things

This is a weak post, but I'm sick in the bed and wanted to give you SOMEthing today. This is what you get. (Aren't you glad you came?)

This corner of our kitchen is plenty bright during daylight hours, but it gets no light at night. Our house was built in the '80s, and we don't have under-cabinet lighting.

And even though it's not that big of a stretch of counter space, I do about half of my prep work there. I make sandwiches and stuff on the island, but this counter space here is right between the sink and the stove, so it sees its fair share of just-washed fruits and veggies and lots of other stuff.

And prepping food there for supper during the winter months, when it's already dark outside by the time we get home, is kind of a pain because the lighting is just horrible in that corner.

Enter my solution this week: a small table lamp.

Now you know I would typically give you apples-to-apples pictures. I would shoot both the before and the after pictures at night so you could really see the difference, because quite frankly, the after looks DARKER in this case.

However, the fever and chills are keeping me from getting you that Perfect Comparison Picture right now. So you're just going to have to trust me that this is, in fact, a big improvement, already given the stamp of approval by Grayson.

Added bonus, I'm loving the cozy little amount of light it gives off when it's the only thing on in the kitchen (as in these pictures) after I've cleaned the kitchen for the night and am just coming and going from the room occasionally.

P.S. Blogger just gave me a warning that the pictures might disappear from this post within 24 hours. All of a sudden I feel like one of Charlie's Angels or something. So if this posts without pictures, just be aware that the speed with which I re-post them will be completely dependent on how close to death I feel on a moment-to-moment basis.


paige said...

Dear Farrah,
First of all, I'm sorry to hear that you're not well. That reminds me...
Secondly, I sent you a message an fb about Monday. I'll repeat it in an email in case you check that more often.
Third...why would blogger just self-destruct your photos? ODD.

April Kennedy said...

I have a table lamp by my sink and love the softer light it gives off! Yours looks great. hope you are feeling better soon. I've got myself something nasty too.

Rachel said...

Our kitchen has a similar problem...I hung up Christmas lights. High Klass around here. :)

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