Jan 19, 2011

Baby Jake

A picture of Jake when he was one week old is featured at Spearmint Baby today.

Now excuse me while I go take a handful of Advil for this baby fever.


Sarah T. said...

I remember the second that picture was taken so clearly. So so sweet.

Lacy said...

WHOA! New blog design! Me likey! :) And please... just take my heart. Have it. Give it to Jake. ADORABLE!!!

Rachel said...

Nathan said, 'eww. He leaked.' I'm cracking up here!

paige said...

First of all...I love me some Jakey.

Second of all, I'm very on board with you having another adorable smarterthanmeatipad kiddo. You've done so very well so far. Why stop a good thing?

Not helping the fever? Sorry about that.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

SET, I know. One of my favorite moments of all time.

Lacy, Jakey has ALL of us wrapped around his finger! You're not alone!

Rachel, SURELY Nathan is familiar with this scene. ;)

Paige, another kid would be great ... if someone else is willing to take on the morning sickness for me.

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