Dec 28, 2010

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 7

1. We have outdoor outlets on our front porch and back deck. I am so scared that I will be electrocuted by them that I have never in 10 years hooked up any cute lights outdoors. This fear is rooted solely in the fact that they are outdoor sockets, not because I've ever had a mild shock from an outlet -- indoor OR outdoor -- before.

2. I use one arm's length of toilet paper every time I wipe. I refuse to accept even a remote possibility that anything that just came OUT of me will end up ON me.

3. Every time I'm given a prescription for a new medicine, I think, "I wonder if this is a placebo."

4. When I lie in bed at night, sometimes I can't fall asleep because of the thoughts that swirl around in my head. I could lie and tell you that I'm solving the world's problems during that time, but really it's all just a montage of Bejeweled Blitz jewels sliding into place and exploding jubilantly.

5. Burger King used to cut its chicken sandwich on the diagonal, making two sections with sharp points. Sometime in the '90s, they inexplicably quit doing this and ever since have just served it in one block of French bread. This bothers me more than is perhaps reasonable.


Wade's World said...

You are so right on the Burger King sandwich. I think the diagonal tasted better!

And I can't read the information that comes with a new prescription because I will give myself all the bad side effects!

Carry Grace said...

Burger King Sandwich - I don't like that either.

Bejewled Blitz - I'm going through withdrawals.

Sewconsult said...

1. Agree, but NOW the one on the back of the house is within the new sunroom...I can use it now.
2. ABSOlutely. I have a large hand and a large tush! My hubby is amazed about how much toilet paper we use!
3.Hubby was with FDA and I have all the info on any new prescription. And what if it is a I crazy?
4.I use to count by prime numbers to distract myself to sleep.
5. Refuse to eat at Burger King (nearest one was nasty-dirty, the last time that I went).
Are you sure that you're not my daughter?

Heather said...

Your 'uncomfortable truths' posts are among my favorites! I found you from Jonah's blog, and love reading everything you write. Keep up with daily posts, it's fun to wonder what the daily topic will be!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Amy, the diagonal DEFINITELY tasted better. They'll never convince me otherwise. And yeah, I steer clear of the side effect listing because I don't want to mysteriously develop all of them. ;)

Nikki, I'm so glad I'm not the only one! And Bejeweled ... let's just say I have "a problem." A BIG one.

Beckie, perhaps I should build sunrooms around ALL of my outdoor outlets so I can use them! Great idea! And I count backward from 100 to get to sleep. That's my trick.

Green Door Girl said...

BK Sandwiches - LOL - yep definitely remember the diagonal cut, I haven't eaten them SINCE that cut, but the commercials these days are definitely one solid piece... yeah that is not a good thing! :)

Rachel said...

I have the same outdoor outlet phobia. And bejeweled blitz follows me everywhere. I just added it on my phone.

René said...

Ha! I remember that about BK and the diagonal. Weird, huh? I agree with Wade's World, sandwiches are better cut on the diagonal.


paige said...

Number three made me laugh out loud.

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