Dec 7, 2010

'Tis the season to be crafty. Or to shop at CVS, whatever.

There are so many handmade advent calendars floating around out there in Blogland. As a matter of fact, there are some things that it seems like EVERYONE wants to post about, and last week -- when it was timely -- the topic seemed to be Advent Calendars.

Check it:

But here's what I came home with last night for our boys.

Eat your heart out, Internet.

Yes. I am a worse advocate for the South than the chaw-chewing, overall-wearing, married-to-his-cousin man who comes out of the woodwork to be on the Today Show the morning after the F5 hits your town.

Let's face it. I didn't think about making my own advent calendar back in November, and now it's too late. All the energy I could have spent crafting the crap out of an advent calendar has unfortunately been assigned to teepees lately. Luckily for me, the low expectations I have worked hard to instill in my boys really came through for me last night. They were THRILLED with the drugstore advent calendars.


"What diss, Mommy?"

"What it does, Mommy?"


"Dare's CONDY in dare? OPEN IT."


Jakey didn't have an advent calendar last year, so he didn't know about opening the windows in order. OH BELIEVE YOU ME he was quickly corrected by his brothers, advent calendar veterans of many years.

And do you know what the very best part of not getting your advent calendar until December the sixth is? You get to catch up all in one night.

Six down, 18 to go.


Rachel said...

That's so funny. My m-i-l sent me one for the kids to do and it's 3D and I had the worst time finding all the doors. I spent over and hour hunting all over this thing trying to find number 3, 12, and 15. Sheesh!

RLR said...

"chaw-chewing, overall-wearing, married-to-his-cousin man who comes out of the woodwork to be on the Today Show the morning after the F5 hits your town"

I am SO THANKFUL I wasn't drinking coffee when I read this. (Oh, wait - you mean Thanksgiving is over? It's December?!?)

I have an Advent calendar from Hallmark that always gets put up late - so you are not alone in needing to catch up several days at a time.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Rachel, I've never seen a 3D one, I don't think! Please send pictures! :)

Ryan Leigh, yes. Get on board. We are in December. So regardless of the fact that I still think it's March, I'm going to completely stand in judgment of you for thinking it's still November. ;)

Green Door Girl said...

LOL, love it!
I bought a felt one two years ago and 1) isn't handmade, 2) gets re-used each year so that I don't have to remember to get them and 3) doesn't require any presents to be purchased for the kiddos as part of the daily getting ready for Christmas - yeah I am lazy :)

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