Dec 5, 2010

Things I love: at Crate & Barrel

An abbreviated Crate & Barrel catalog arrived earlier this week, and of course I couldn't wait to dig into it. Without further ado, let's go over some of the things that caught my eye!

Pinecone Fire Starters in Basket ($39.95)

We don't use our fireplace and I'm hot-natured anyway, so it isn't like I'd actually NEED these, but I think they'd be a fun hostess gift for a weekend stay or even for a Christmas party host or hostess gift. They'll be great for the winter, and they're cuter than kindling!

Melamine Popcorn Cups and Tub ($4.95, $14.95)

We eat a LOT of popcorn in this house. I mean, we pop it in an air popper or oil popper at least twice a week, sometimes more often. The thing about a lot of popcorn bowls is that they're heavy porcelain or stoneware bowls, and those aren't practical for kids. I love melamine! We actually use Tupperware bowls around here, which also work great, but I love these bright red numbers!

Set of Three Joy Guest Towels ($14.95)

I have a set of reindeer holiday hand towels for our powder room (from Pottery Barn, but I don't think they carry them anymore), but if I needed new ones I'd go for these. I love their simplicity but also their festiveness. And yea for bright white! I prefer white towels to any other color, because I think they're so crisp and clean.

Brie Baker ($19.95)

If you've got room in your kitchen to store a Brie Baker, you've got more storage space than we have. Nonetheless, I love a good Brie wheel baked up to perfection, topped with apple pie filling and served with Wheat Thins. And if you've got a special piece of bakeware to bake and present it to me in, more power to ya.

Glitter Dot Ball Ornaments (6 for $28.76)

C&B has about 100 types of ornaments on sale right now, but these were some of my favorites. I love the bright colors, and I also love that they have an added 3-D element going on with the dots. And if I didn't already own a similar set that I bought at Cracker Barrel a few years ago, I'd snap this next set up in a hurry: the Set of 10 Lightbulb Ornaments ($7.60). I love them!

I think it goes without saying, but C&B and I don't have any relationship of any kind ... I'm just sharing things I love from the most recent catalog with you. I did notice when I went to the website to pull the images that they are offering Free Shipping through Dec. 20 on online orders of $100 or more. So if you still have gifts on your list that you need to purchase, this might be a great time and place to do so!


Tamar SB said...

I am so like you, I love the C&B and Pottery Barn catalogs, especially this time of year! I don't even have a tree for ornaments but I think those light bulb ones are hilarious!

Have a great week!

AJ said...

We LOVE popcorn here too. Really like the cups and tub, might have to check them out.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

AJ and Tamar, I'm glad you enjoyed the post and saw things you liked! I have to rein myself in every time I get one of those catalogs, because I just want to buy EVERYTHING I see!

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