Dec 21, 2010

My mommy got an iPad and all I got was this black eye

Y'ALL. I haven't felt this bad for one of my kids since Jake was in the hospital with RSV.


My sister kindly sent me her iPad since she isn't using it as much as she thought she would, and she knew our kids (and I) would love it. So last night I loaded my music onto it and bought a couple of the apps that I knew my kids liked.

Nicholas immediately grabbed it from me and opened the Harry Potter app.

He couldn't seem to shake it hard enough to get the wand to wave or whatever. So I was like, "Here. Let me try it."

As I was shaking it, it slipped out of my hands. And smacked Nick right below his eye.

Um, prepare yourselves.


Ohmygosh. Grayson was like, you CANNOT post that on your blog. Social Services will come take our children away.

And I was like, "I won't post it." And Nicholas said, "I WANT YOU TO TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND SHOW YOUR FRIENDS." So, see, Internet? You've been upgraded to Friends! And Nick wanted you all to not only hear the story, but see the pictures. He MIGHT be a little bit proud of it.

I read to him for an extra 20 minutes last night because have I mentioned how TERRIBLE I feel about this? So bad. So. Bad.

He asked me about four times while I was reading if it would be healed by tomorrow. And I said, "No, buddy, I'm afraid not." And he asked, "Promise?"

Apparently he can't WAIT to show everyone at KinderCare, including his teachers, his black eye.

Luckily he's forgiven me and gave me hugs and kisses before bed. It helped that I read about 30 pages of SuperFudge to them, and one of the passages included a silly song that when I sang it, made him laugh so hard he cried. He said, "MOMMY! I've never laughed so hard that I had TEARS before."

So I'm hoping against hope that the tears of laughter helped him forget about the tears of pain I caused him earlier in the evening. Because no Mommy wants her tombstone to read: "Was a pretty great mom except for that time she whacked me in the face with her iPad."


anonymous said...

my mom hit me in the eye with a frying pan when i was Nicholas's age. she turned around really fast while doing the dishes and didn't see me. i forgave her but still have the scar.

Wade's World said...

I'm so sorry to laugh at this, but only a little boy would be so proud of his black eye! Don't beat yourself up too badly. Stuff like this happens!

Mandy's Memories said...

Poor boy! I have done that before. I accidentally zipped Houston's neck in his jacket last night and he has a little cut. Poor thing. Boys will be boys right? lol

Sarah T. said...

Oh no! At least Nick realizes its social currency, and that it will make him look cool to his friends and the chicks.

Sewconsult said...

You got an iPad, so that just makes it all ok! YOU WILL LOVE IT! I am sure that the boys will love it also. I bought one for myself to console me. I passed into OLD age in May, so I had to have an iPad to keep me current. I have 3 different ebook apps and love being able to check my email, FB and play solitaire all in the comfort of my bed.

Hope Nick milks the black eye. When he tells his children about his mother whacking him with an iPad, the kids will have no clue what an iPad was.

paige said...

I'm sure that you felt a lot worse about it than he did (based on the fact he's proud enough of it to show his friends and your blog audience). You're a great mommy the rest of the time so you can let one little black eye slide. :)

Rachel said...

I can't apologize for laughing. That's hilarious that he wanted you to post that. Can you imagine what his teachers are going to say when he says, "My mom hit me in the eye with an ipad." lol.

brightleigh said...

OMG, I could see this happening to me! I did laugh and I am sorry, but I think I know who will have the monopoly on the iPad....and it won't be Katherine!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I figured everyone would have a good laugh at my expense ... that's fine, that's fine. You all just go ahead and laugh. ;)

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who's done something like this, though ... and Leigh, you're right. I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot less time on the iPad than some other people who live in this house!

Love Bears All Things said...

And I cut my grandson on the neck while giving him a haircut...I said that's the last time I'll cut your hair and of course, he begged me to reconsider as he hates going to the salon....but I know how bad you feel.
Mama Bear

Rachel said...

Oh, I totally feel the pain of your Mommy Guilt!! Wow. I'd have read to him longer too. At least he's proud of it, though!!

Green Door Girl said...

Poor baby - congrats on the ipad, but yeah I would have horrible mommy guilt as well! I ran my oldest into her changing table (basically tripped and her head went first) when she was an infant, so yeah i know how you feel!

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