Nov 27, 2010


Yesterday I went to work while Grayson, my parents and my sister stayed home and entertained the boys. I came home for an hour or two, then went to pick up take-out because one of our guests on Thanksgiving put some coffee grounds down the sink, and now we don't have a working sink or dishwasher.

And while I'm thinking about it, let me tell you about a phenomenon I'm not at all fond of: during the 10-minute drive to pick up supper, the 10 minutes I spent waiting on it to be ready, and the 10-minute ride home, they didn't play a single song on the radio that I liked. Out of all six stations over the course of 30 minutes, not a one. Until I turned back into my driveway.

After we ate supper off of paper plates (we're trying not to generate dishes since we can't wash them), we put up our Christmas trees. I didn't have the energy to decorate them (one in the den and one in the big boys' room), so for now they're just lit up.

And that, my friends, is the story of yesterday. In all of its boringness and plainness. I thought about not even putting a post up for today, but you know how I am ... BOUND BY THE CHAINS, I AM. I think if you click to come over, you ought to get something, even if that something is me complaining about the sorry state of Alabama radio.

But I hope you have a simply wonderful Saturday. I'm hoping we do.


RLR said...

I have managed to clog my sink/disposal so many times that I've purchased a plunger JUST FOR THE SINK. Sad, but true. I have also broken a disposal in each house we've lived in (for a total of two). But - I promise - I didn't put the coffee grounds down the drain. Sorry that you are dealing with the inconvenience - hope your kitchen's back in working order soon!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Never thought about buying a separate plunger just for the sink, but that's a great idea!

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