Nov 10, 2010

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 4

1. While Skypeing with my sister a few weeks ago, she mentioned that I looked like The Fly in the dark with the glow of the monitor reflecting off my glasses. And then I proceeded to make an a** out of myself:

Her:  Your glasses make you look funny on camera.
Me:  Ooh, turn your computer around so I can see myself.
Her:  If I turn my computer around, you won't see yourself; all you'll see are my feet.
Me:  Oh. Never mind. Wait. Are you sure? Just try it.
Her:  [Passes out from hysterical laughing]

2. I noticed recently that there are about 20 shirts in my closet that have a not-so-fine film of dust across the shoulders. This, when I regularly purge items at least four times a year. Am I going to get rid of them now that I know for sure it's been at least 36 months since I wore any of them? Doubtful. How long does it take for dust to become part of the actual FIBER of your clothes?

3. We don't have enough outlets in our house to charge all of our electronics. I go hunting from room to room for an open outlet in which to plug my iPod or one of the boys' DSs several times a week. I know it's strictly an upper-middle-class problem to have, but when we win the lottery and build our dream home, I vote that we build a charging room. Then our two laptops, two iPods, two PSPs, two DSis, two cell phones, Kindle, video camera and two camera batteries can charge in the manner in which they'd love to become accustomed.

4. There's a station programmed into the radio in the minivan that plays music I don't like. I mean, I probably liked some of it 20 years ago when I moved here and input the presets into my vehicle at the time, but now all they play is old Celine Dion, John Mellencamp and Elton John. Never mind the fact that I've owned about six vehicles since then and have just kept inputting the same presets into every successive radio. I could choose another station for that spot in about 20 seconds. But much like I was with shampoo, I seem to be in a rut.

5. Related: I take it by the fact that Megan said that I ought to have included my 21-year devotion to Pantene Pro-V shampoo here in Uncomfortable Truths that I ought to also come clean about the Ban Roll-on Normal Scent deodorant I've been using for 17 years and the Clinique Clarifying Lotion #3 I've been using for 16 years. But seriously. I CANNOT be the only one. I blink and a decade is gone. So it SEEMS to me like I've only been using certain products for a few years, when in reality it's been two decades. Bygones.


paige said...

Ban? Really? They still make that stuff??

Lacy said...

1.- OK- I have to admit. I had to think about that too- at first I thought- well you should be able to see yourself... then it dawned on me. LOL! BLONDE MOMENT. But what's your excuse- you're not blonde. :o)
3.- My dad recently built a house (for he and my stepmom to live in) and did all of the electrical stuff by himself (with the help of my hubby. They both have electrical skills). Anyhoo- he LITERALLY has an outlet on EVERY other stud in EVERY room. Seriously. He didnt' want to have to move furniture or himself much less to find a plug. It's ridiculous. They even have a plug under every window for Christmas candles. And all of those outlets are controlled by one switch in his bedroom. So when he goes to bed- he can flick the switch and all of the Christmas candles go out. Priceless. LOL!

Sarah T. said...

Still top 5 laughter moment for me.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...


Lacy, so glad I'm not the only one who questioned the laptop camera. ;) And your dad is a man after my own heart.

SET, me too.

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