Nov 13, 2010

Things I admire about my boys

1. They stop eating when they're full.
2. They walk around in their underwear all the time. No self-consciousness about their bodies. AT ALL.
3. They approach almost every situation with anticipation instead of apprehension. Even the dentist.
4. They laugh until they cry.
5. They ask to be tickled because they LOVE to laugh until they cry.
6. They ask insightful questions.
7. They love with abandon.
8. They still enjoy the wonders of a simple fort made out of sheets and blankets.
9. Their imaginations know no bounds.
10. They are content with who they are, right now, this very minute. What a blessing.


Robin said...

Such a great post! Aren't kids the best?

Sarah T. said...

Except for #4 and maybe #7, this post could also be titled, "Ways my boys are completely unlike their Aunt Sarah Ellen"

Carry Grace said...

Kids are great!

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