Nov 8, 2010

I feel lucky just to be alive

You might think -- based on the title of this post -- that I survived a hurricane or a car accident over the weekend.

Nope ... I just survived the weekend.

I don't know what it was about it that had me absolutely DONE. IN. last night, but I felt like I'd run a marathon. Perhaps it was sympathy pain for all those poor people who ran the New York.

Friday night I don't think we even did anything except eat supper, manage the chaos that is our house on a typical evening, and get the kids to bed. Oh yeah, and watch Nicholas and Jake dance to Paralyzer. (Jake's fierce Dance Face, which only comes out for more "rock-ish" songs, cracks me up.)

Saturday morning we got up early and headed downtown for our annual family photo shoot, which is typically when the only pictures of me are taken for the year. (If I were Kelly Stamps, this is where I would say, "HA!") Our photographer, Leslie Hollingsworth, did a great job with the boys (she has two of her own), and we got what we needed within an hour.

From there, we headed South of town to try a doughnut place owned by someone who works with Grayson. Daylight Donuts was a lot of fun; there were tons of types from which to choose.

The boys took their time choosing their Reward Doughnuts -- otherwise known as the doughnuts I bribed them with for showing their dimples and the best side of their personalities for our photo shoot. I'M NOT TOO PROUD TO ADMIT IT, INTERNET.

Eventually they each decided on two, and we settled in to chow down.

And of course, it was AFTER we'd already made our selections that they brought out the tray that was the most irresistible to the boys:

But we held firm that we'd already paid and we had what we needed, and there was surprisingly little resistance ... I think their tummies were filled to the brim.

We'd intended to head back to our general neighborhood for the Moss Rock Festival, but Grayson was too cold and wanted to wait one more day, so we just went home and took naps. I awoke from my 90-minute nap feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. WHY IS THAT? It took me until after supper to wake all the way up, and I never fully recovered. It was like the joy of Daylight Savings hit me TWICE in one weekend.

I thought I'd keep going, but Sunday's just going to have to wait until tomorrow. TIRED. And your eyeballs are probably bleeding by now, anyway. Let's all just get on with our Monday, and you'll have my Sunday to look forward to on your Tuesday. WHEN HOPEFULLY I'LL BE MARGINALLY MORE COHERENT.


paige said...

Now I really want a donut. With sprinkles.


Lacy said...

That Jake... he's so stinkin' cute! I just can't handle it! :o)

Rachel said...

Umm. A Monday morning post with donuts in it? That's just plain mean to a stay at home mom. I'd have to make a special trip out to get donuts. Sigh. Now I'm going to be thinking about them all morning long. :) Hope you're recovered from your weekend.

Sarah T. said...

Jake's face looks like he just ate something really, really sour.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Paige, What. They don't have doughnuts in England?

Lacy, I totally agree! I love him so much.

Rachel, sorry! I'd mail you some if I could. Wait. Maybe I can! Let me know. ;)

SET, I know. That fierce dance face is hilarious!

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