Oct 4, 2010



Today you turn 6 years old. In my wildest dreams, I couldn't have imagined six years ago how much having you would change our lives.

You keep us laughing, keep us thinking on our feet, keep us amazed at your quick advancements, keep us expanding our repertoire of ways to improve our patience. Sometimes I have to turn away from you when you make me angry, because you say something so funny or insightful in the next second that I either want to bust out laughing or praise you for being so smart ... but that moment isn't the appropriate time to do either. You keep me off-balance, but in a good way.

You've recently developed more patience with Jake and have put a lot of effort into being a better sharer and better mentor for him. He often asks for you, because he sees you as his ultimate playmate, someone who will get down on his level but will also bring him up to your own. It's been a privilege to watch your relationship evolve.

When it comes to Nathaniel, you two fight like cats and dogs with each other but also have a deep, deep love for one another. If it came down to it, I think you'd give your lives for each other ... your bond as brothers is so strong. You aren't happy in his shadow, yet you want to do everything he does. You try to replicate his every feat -- from bike riding to reading to turning cartwheels to tossing cinnamon pecans in your mouth -- but you want to do it all faster and better than he does. You use your sense of competition to raise the bar, to drive yourself to greater success.

Sometimes I call you "predictable," but the truth is, you're actually predictably UNPREDICTABLE. I mean, don't get me wrong ... you can always be counted upon to go into a epic pout whenever I tell you "no," but there are times when I think, "He's gonna go ballistic about this," and you completely surprise me. You have a TREMENDOUS heart, and you show sensitivity sometimes when I expect you to show anger or aggression.

The transition to Kindergarten has been a little rough for you; your teacher is trying hard to reign you in and you busy yourself by seemingly doing everything in your power not to let her.  ;)  But you wouldn't be My Nicholas without the power of your convictions and your headstrong spirit ... while I often wish you'd conform to make things easier on us and others such as your teachers, in reality I just want you to be happy and to be YOURSELF. Because you are nothing short of extraordinary.

I love you,


Shelby Baker said...

Aww, Happy Birthday, Nicholas!! :)

Lacy said...

Happy Birthday Nicholas!!! :o)

Sarah T. said...

Kat, I'm so proud of you that you've raised Nick. He's been a hard kid to raise, but you do an amazing job at it. I'll be honest, sometimes, he can be a total asshole.
You know that better than anyone. He's so stubborn and intelligent that he can outthink your discipline. And that may be why you are right, he's the funniest and the one that probably reaps the most rewards. He's a good kid, Katherine, and I love him very much.
He is so fun to spend time with, and some of the favorite moments of my life are with Nick.
Good job and happy birthday, Nick.

paige said...

What a precious boy!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Hmm. I wonder what he'll think one day when he reads that comment, SET!

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