Oct 16, 2010

I'm rising in the polls

Earlier this week, I took the space behind the couch and sofa table (sofa and sofa table? couch and couch table?) and did this:

Through the week, it served as a reading fort and -- let's get real -- a DS-charging and -playing fort. But last night, it turned into a Sleeping Fort.

In the dim light of the den after the house quieted, it looked like the picture above. But here it is with the flash so you can see inside a little better:

Nicholas fell asleep almost immediately, but as usual, Nathaniel read for almost an hour.

I typed on my laptop while he read Boxcar Children #4, and he was thrilled when he asked me to go to the Web site listed at the back of the book and we discovered that there are apparently more than 120 books in the series.

Good to know. That should carry him through Christmas.


paige said...

Nathaniel He is like you in so many ways. Cool fort. :)

Rachel said...

That's awesome! I totally remember doing that as a kid. We'll need to make a fort (or, in our case, a Princess Castle) very soon.

Sewconsult said...

Loved doing that for my girls. My sister & I loved it when our dad put up a real tent in the back yard for play or sleep overs with cousins.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

My sister and I were huge fans of forts, too. And Nathaniel REALLY loves to read. He actually turned in his whole week's worth of reading assignments a day early this week and went back to reading books for pleasure. :)

Sarah T. said...

Forts are awesome. But, to be honest, I don't think I was cool enough to have ever slept in a fort with you, but I remember loving them.
You were too busy putting on Lee Press-On Nails and spraying fake glitter color into your hair.
I'm just saying.

Lisa Leonard said...

this is so fun! i want to sleep in a fort. so fun to meet you!! xo

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

SET, do not OUT me on my own blog!

Lisa, loved meeting you, too. Honored you came by for a visit!

Rachel said...

How fun. We haven't made a fort in awhile. I loved reading the Boxcar Children series. Mysteries are still my favorite to this day. Nathan is reading the Hardy boys to the kids at bedtime. We just found 7 more at a used book sale on Saturday. Andrew was so excited.

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