Oct 7, 2010

I am proud on more levels than you even want to KNOW

One evening last week, Nathaniel was up late (so excited to welcome Grayson home from a business trip to Chicago that he couldn't sleep), and he asked to Tweet from my Twitter account. (Ever since he Tweeted from the beach, he's been totally obsessed with Twitter.)

I said, "Sure," and he took my laptop and started pecking on the keys, one by one. When he hit the Open Bracket key, I said, "Oops! Backspace, buddy." And he said, "NO, I MEANT TO DO A BRACKET."

Well okay then.

So here's how the next half hour went down in a Twitter conversation that began with Nathaniel's Tweet, then continued between me and my sister over the next half hour. (Start at the bottom and work your way up.)

So I honestly hadn't known that he was even aware of what brackets are, but I was absolutely tickled pink about it and decided I just had to know more. So the following night on the way to baseball practice, I asked him about it.

Me: "Nathaniel, I'm very impressed that you used brackets in your Tweet last night. How do you know what they are?"

Nathaniel: "Of COURSE I know what brackets are. I've known for over a year. I use them ALL THE TIME. A few weeks ago, we had to write a short story at school, and -- remember? -- Jackson was new and he'd only been in my class like five or six days. So I was reading the story to my class and it went like this:

I had a birthday party last year at Pump It Up, and many of my classmates came. We played on the inflatables and had a birthday cake and I got lots of gifts, and I really liked them. Does anyone here remember anything about my birthday party? Buh-RACKETS: JACKSON, YOU DON'T HAVE TO ANSWER. I think it was my favorite birthday party ever."

Me: "Well. Yes, buddy, you apparently know EXACTLY how to use brackets."

** Check back this evening for the gift card winner announcement! **


paige said...

That child is beyond precious. He's your mini-me. I'm duly impressed.

RLR said...

Wow - super cute and super smart! I also get the "I've known about that forever" tone/attitude. So funny, especially when I think that I was probably the same way as a child.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Thank you, thank you! I think he's smart and adorable. AND I'M NOT BIASED AT ALL.

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