Sep 24, 2010

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 2

1. Last Sunday we spent the afternoon at the Railroad Park downtown, where the boys played on the playground, ran themselves ragged, then cooled off by walking through the creek. That evening, we went to the Cub Scout campout, where they played on the playground, ate supper out of a bag while sitting on the ground, and got SO sweaty. Did I mention it was a 96-degree day? When I took Jake home (leaving the others to camp out for the night), he and I were so exhausted that I put him in bed without a bath. I'm sure you're thinking, "If this is just an 'uncomfortable truth,' what the heck falls into the category of 'too embarrassing to TELL anyone'?" Huh. Maybe that would be the part that I left out: that morning Jake had wet through his diaper in his crib, and I didn't change his sheets before I put him down that night.

2. There are people this won't bother in the least, and then there's a whole other segment of people that absolutely won't be able to believe it: I don't have a needle and/or thread in my house. I used to have a tiny sewing kit in my purse, but when I flew to North Carolina in February for Jonah's birthday party, the TSA confiscated it. So last week when I lost a button at work, our department's executive assistant sewed it back on for me. Are YOU a needle-and-thread person?

3. I spend a lot of time thinking about ridiculous things like, Why do commercial toilet seats have that three-inch gap in the front and residential ones are perfectly oval with no gap? That doesn't keep me awake at night, but it does keep me awake when I'm sitting on the toilet at work. ** UPDATED: Wikipedia, the indisputable, reliable source for all things, says this: "The purpose of the open front is a subject of debate. Some say that it is so that a man who does not lift the seat to urinate and "dribbles" at the end will not get urine on the seat, but rather it will fall in the gap. Another thought is that the gap exists so that the genitalia of one user cannot contact the seat and therefore possibly spread disease to a subsequent user if their genitals contact the same area." ** Now we can all sleep tonight.

4. We have 147 season passes to TV series on our downstairs TiVo. That doesn't mean we watch 147 shows every week, but I bet there are a lot of people out there who didn't even know that there are currently more than 147 shows IN PRODUCTION right now.

5. I just checked, and 21 of the shows I watch are reality shows. Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, Top Chef: Just Desserts, Kate Plus 8, The Rachel Zoe Project, 9 by Design,  Tori & Dean, America's Next Top Model, Top Design, The Next Food Network Star, Ace of Cakes, Project Runway, Flipping Out, HGTV Design Star, The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad (KILL ME NOW), The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol. I could run down my entire list of season passes, but this is "Uncomfortable truths," not "Truths that will make people stop reading my blog, my co-workers mock me and my husband leave me."


Rachel said...

I am a needle and thread person. I love sewing. I am quite often working on some project big or small. I made my own costume for Halloween last year.
I have always wanted to know about the toilet seat thing too.
How on earth do you watch that many shows? :)

Mandy said...

Katherine, my mother told me that public toilets were like that because of some law suit involving a little boy and a toilet seat that fell on him causing damage to you know where. Can't find any evidence to support that, but there are other interesting theories if you google search for this!

Lacy said...

I can't get past number 1. I shower twice a day... have to or I'd feel like I forgot something. Once in the morning to wake up/get ready for work and again before I go to bed. Makes me feel better... sleep better. But then again- I have NO kids. So I'm not hatin' on you- jus' saying. As long as they don't mind it and don't cry for a bath... they don't cry for baths do they?! LOL! :o)

Sarah T. said...

Tommy got me into watching "Jersey Shore," so there's no judgment here.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Rachel, I mostly listen to them while I blog or read blogs. Or play Bejeweled Blitz ... all after the boys have gone to bed. And for design shows, I only look up for the Reveals at the end. But seriously, if I were to list all the scripted dramas and comedies to this list, you all would just keel over in a dead faint.

Mandy, THAT'S why. I always wondered. Of course, now when I get home tonight I'm going to have to Google it and read ALL the theories. God forbid I ask someone who actually KNOWS, like a plumber.

Lacy, I DID bathe myself, just not Jakey. I do have SOME standards.

SET, no, you cannot judge. Even without Jersey Shore.

RLR said...

1 - I have skipped the showers/baths for the kids a few times, too! I consider it practice for camping....
2 - Yep, needle and thread girl. I tried my hand at sewing on Cub Scout patches earlier this week. Now I know why I'm going to pay to have them sewn on in the future.
3 - ME TOO! And I have to know, so - Googling now.... (although my no means the be-all, end-all of sources, it does cite Plumbers' Code)
4/5 - I don't watch that many shows (maybe 10, including summer shows), and we are considering getting rid of TV and just watching things on hulu. Crazy, I know.

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