Sep 8, 2010

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 1

1. I bathe my boys twice a week, usually on Wednesday and Sunday (and on any night they have baseball practice). Sometimes it's just once, on Sunday. They don't stink; if they did, I'd bathe them more often.

2. Most nights Nathaniel and Nicholas change into clean clothes and underwear right before bed, and that's what they wear to school the next morning. Talk about a time-saver!

3. Every morning before we leave for school, they grab a Pop-Tart for breakfast. I also send them pre-packaged Cheese Nips and apple juice boxes for their snack.

4. Supper is often Kraft Mac & Cheese, a peanut butter sandwich or Spaghettios. I do have a two-fruit minimum, though.

5. On baseball practice nights, the minivan serves multiple functions as we sit in the ballpark parking lot: a dressing room, an office and a dining room. The boys change into their uniforms, do their homework and eat their supper there. And quite frankly, harkening back to #1 on my list, if I could hook a garden hose up to it, it would serve as a shower, too.

When people ask me some variation of, "How do you work full-time, volunteer at school, stay caught up in your scrapbooks, keep up as Team Mom for two baseball teams, read the bestsellers, take care of your kids, and still manage to blog every day?" This is it. This is the answer. I take shortcuts. Lots of them.

What are YOUR uncomfortable truths?


3XMom said...

wow, I can so relate. I have many of the same "truths". I would add:

1) i faked some of my kid's summer homework. She had to do a number of tasks, and I had to sign off on them. I signed for a few that we really really really planned to get to, but just didn't.

2) i still brush my daughter's hair - even though they are 8 and 6. They just never do it.

Wade's World said...

Love the honesty of this!

1. I have "forgotten" to brush Jackson's teeth on the way out the door if we were late for school.

2. Jackson sometimes wears the same shorts to school 2 days in a row because its just not worth the battle.

3. Jackson thinks that naps are required to make you grow taller, and I have absolutely no plans of informing him otherwise!

paige said...

I'm one of those people who ask you how you do it and I didn't even know you did a few of the things you listed.

My awe just hit a new level.

April Kennedy said...

Loved these uncomfortable truths.

we argue even with all our windows open and hope that our neighbors just know that we are still madly in love and just normal!

Erin said...

We're supposed to bathe them? Man, I knew I was forgetting something ...

Leah said...

Wow you are quite the busy Mama! You truly are an inpsiration! Thanks for the sweet comment today!


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

As usual, it's so nice to know that I'm not alone!

3X - I don't have girls, but if I did, I'm sure I'd still be brushing their hair at those ages. If they got MY hair, they'd never be able to get a brush through it on their own!

WW - I have also "forgotten" to brush someone's teeth before. Criminal!

April - I admire your flair for freedom! You go, girl!

Erin - Yeah ... I think Jake's daycare teacher draws a heart on his hand every day just to see if we bathe him. I swear, every day she draws something on his hand or his arm. I'm convinced she just wants to see how long it will stay there.

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