Sep 5, 2010

Things I love: at Ballard Designs

This is gonna be quick because my whole family is here and we're busy riding bikes, playing baseball, running down batteries on my dad's and sister's iPhones, etc. So you KNOW there are pictures coming.

But I wanted to share a few things from the most recent Ballard catalog that caught my eye, especially since I'd downloaded the pictures two weeks ago and therefore this post required less of me than one about Nathaniel getting knocked in the temple with a baseball hit by my dad yesterday. (He's totally fine.)

1. Gourd lamp ($149) - These curvy lamps are all the rage these days, and I'll always love a classic white, but I could also see this in my house in a really fun shade like lime or turquoise. I don't have any other lime or turquoise in my house, but I really ought to get outside of my comfort zone more often. Also. Since I started reading shelter blogs a couple of years ago, I've found myself increasingly drawn to more graphic prints in more contemporary colors. The wallpaper in this photo really appeals to me now, way more than it would have before. I wouldn't go with it in my bedroom, but a powder room, yes.

2. Lamp slips ($59-$119) - These are so similar in shape to the actual lamp above, but these are pure accessories. No function, just pretty. And I'm perfectly fine with that since they're so pretty.

3. Ogden Mirror ($199) - I don't have as many mirrors in my house as I'd like. They reflect light so well that I'd love to have a large one in every room. I love a chunky wood frame, but this one also called my name when I got to its page in the catalog. In my guest room, which has a distressed headboard and apple crates for side tables, this would look great ... it'd class the joint up a bit.

4. Ballard Hooks (3 for $8) - I don't know why I only have one hook on the back of the boys' bathroom door. Three boys who each use a towel could definitely use three hooks, and these are on sale. I love the shape and finish.

5. Primvere Cake Stand ($29) - I only bake a few cakes a year, but that has no bearing to exactly how much I want this cake stand. To. Die. For. And it comes in three colors. Take your pick. (I'LL HAVE ONE OF EACH, PLEASE.)

6. Mercury Glass Pedestal ($39) - I know mercury glass was really hot LAST Fall, but I'm still seeing it in the catalogs this year. I love the shiny-yet-aged finish of mercury glass, and I'd happily adopt this whole set.

That's it for today, but I'll be back tomorrow with some of the weekend's activities. Enjoy the day!


Carry Grace said...

Nice picks. My fav has to be the cake stand. I would take all 3 too.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Nikki, you have great taste. ;)

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