Sep 20, 2010

TableTopics FTW!

We've been having so much fun with our TableTopics lately ... every night the boys can't wait to gather at the table to get started.

The questions range from the very easy (What's your favorite color?) to very difficult (If you could erase one thing you did in the past, what would it be?) SERIOUSLY? My word. It would take me an entire weekend to cull through my life and pull out one thing. And it's kind of like the whole "flutter of a butterfly's wings" thing. because erasing one action or event could have changed the course of your life. I had to tell Grayson right off the bat that he couldn't say he would have married someone else, because then he wouldn't have the boys. GOTCHA, HONEY. TRY AGAIN.

Nathaniel's answer to that one was, "I would erase walking into the girls' bathroom by accident at the McWane Center." Yeah, when I was 7, I would probably have erased that one, too. (I would very much like to erase the time in 2008 when I walked into the men's room at Jim 'n' Nick's BBQ.)

So anyway, every night we all gather at the kitchen table.

Last night Nathaniel yelled to Nicholas in the den, "Nick, HURRY or you'll miss TableTopics!"

Right now Nathaniel is the designated card-puller and reader, but Jake likes to pull them and "read" them, too.

I thought I'd share a few of the most recent ones from the weekend with you. (We pull two each night.)

Nick: "I'd choose a toy, a skateboard. I really, really want one."

Me: "You'd choose a skateboard over a trip with us?"

Nick: "YES."

Nathaniel: "I want a skateboard, too."


To the first question ...

Nick: "I scream and throw things because it makes me feel better. IT REALLY DOES."

Nathaniel: "I think about you and Jake and Daddy."

To the second question ...

Nick: "10 siblings."

Nathaniel: "10 siblings. That one was SO easy."

To the first question ...

I can't remember how they answered, but I do remember that they both ranked Freedom first. I thought that was interesting. I was completely unable to rank them in any order at all. I have a TERRIBLE time with those Sophie's Choice type of questions. Ranking is not my forte.

To the second question ...

Nick: "Yes, I would travel to the moon."

Jake: "Yes, I would travel to the moon. I like the moon."

Nathaniel: "Nu-uh."

Me: "No."

Grayson: "Yes."

I think those answers are very true to all of our personalities.

Nathaniel: "Your ability to stay up late. WE WANT TO STAY UP LATE."



So, you know, apparently the fact that we have a later bedtime than they do is really all that's keeping us afloat in their eyes. I think we need to up our game a little to give them something more to aspire to.

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