Sep 13, 2010

I almost broke out in hives

Have I ever mentioned my distinct dislike of all things school-related? Seriously. I visit the boys' classrooms because it's what I'm supposed to do, but when I walk in, I break out into a sweat every time. Just being there is enough to take me back to my own school days. Not that mine were traumatic or anything, but I just REALLY didn't enjoy school. Ever.

Since Nathaniel is only in 2nd grade, we haven't had a lot of actual textbooks come home. Actually, none.

But he was recently assigned a math textbook that's meant for us to use as a supplemental learning tool at home. In all of our spare time, you know.

I took one look at it and was like, "Ugh." Of all the school subjects, math of any kind was my least favorite.

When I opened up the cover and saw this, it immediately took me back about 25 years.

It is HILARIOUS to me that this little black printed box of information hasn't changed since before I was his age. Not one bit. I remember carefully scrutinizing the info included on those tiny little lines every year.

And the one source of fun in all of that was looking at the names listed above mine in the "Issued To" column to see if anyone I knew had used the book before it came to me. Invariably, I knew one of the people on the list.

Of course, for me, the best book was a brand-new book that had never been used before, because it was so fresh and clean, with no one else's dog-eared pages or highlighter marks in it.

So this book fits that bill. And now all we have to do is keep track of it for nine months so we can turn it back in to the school in May with no damage or pencil marks. Which might be difficult, since clearly we plan to use it every day and complete all of the supplemental activities in it. Ahem.


paige said...

I remember this like it was my memory. Except I liked school. And math.

Mommy Kerin said...

I remember that little black box also. I'd do the same. Then once my name was in the book I'd always wonder if anyone would remember me too.

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