Sep 16, 2010

A Freezer Fable

Once upon a time (night before last) in a land far, far away (our basement), there was a deep freezer.

And the wall outlet nearby should have looked like this:

 But instead, it looked like this:

And the Mommy and the Daddy were concerned. So they opened up the freezer and what did they find? Lots and lots and lots of spoiled food!

There were tater tots and pizza rolls and mini corndogs. Chicken parmesan and fish sticks and pizzas and taco soup.

Jenny Craig entrees and tiny lemon cakes and dainty little brownies.

Pork tenderloins and ground round and even a few steaks!

The Mommy and the Daddy unloaded and unloaded and unloaded, and finally, all in all, a big box and two garbage bags full of food were removed from the freezer. 

And all the while, the Mommy was wondering when she would start to gag, because the smell was really, really bad.

For as it turns out, a defrosting freezer is an absolutely disgusting! thing! mainly because of all the nasty stuff! that comes out of previously frozen food!


So the Mommy hurriedly got started on the cleanup effort.

And after lots of blotting and wiping and scrubbing from corner to corner to corner to corner -- and almost falling in while reaching for the deepest depths -- the freezer was finally blissfully spotless.

And all was right with the world once again. Minus the $300 or so in lost food.

The Mommy asked the oldest son, "Did you have anything to do with this?" And he said, "No."

So the Mommy asked the middle son, "Did YOU have anything to do with this?" And he said, "No."

And so the Mommy asked the youngest son, "Did YOU have anything to do with this?" And he said, "No."

And the Mommy couldn't prove that anyone had done anything wrong, so she went and washed her hands very thoroughly and then sat down with the middle son to do an hour of homework.



maura said...

Ooh! Sorry for your loss! That is a real bummer. I have a second fridge/freezer in my basement and I am always worried about malfunctions but now I will be watching for human error also.

Sewconsult said...

When we bought a new frig, our old went to the basement. Hubby plugged it in and said it was working well. Next day, I stocked up on groceries and because of my back and knees, I welcomed the idea of unloaded the heavier items to the basement frig. But wait, it's not cold! Long story short. Dear Hubby plugged it into an outlet that (unbeknownst to us) controlled by the light switch at the stairs. Every time we went up and down the stairs, the switch was turned on or off. Think "Christmas Vacation" with Clark Grimwold!

As far as your plug, I would look for a cover that will enclose the entire outlet and plug to keep little hands from temptation. Sorry about your big loss, especially the JC.

paige said...

Oooo. OOO. Ooo.

I'm feeling very bad for your right now.

Unknown said...

Have you considered polygraphs for the three suspects?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shanemotb said...

Oh yuck!!!! We had this happen with a freezer full of meat (parents are ranchers so we get to share in a side of beef every once in a while) and it was just AWFUL! I am so sorry for not only the money lost, but the time as well!!!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I've been surprised over the past few days just how many people this kind of thing has happened to! We THINK it occurred when the boys were down there playing and pushed the freezer away from the wall by accident. But no one's coming clean about it.

Hmmm ... polygraph. INTERESTING. I was leaning toward Chinese water torture, but a polygraph might go over better with DHR.

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