Aug 24, 2010

Those lyin' eyes

Sunday afternoon Grayson took Nathaniel and Nicholas to the library to check out their game selection. When they came home, Nick came bounding into the den:

Nick: [excitedly] "MOMMY. Can I play my new Wii game?"

Me: "Sure."


Me: "What is it?"

Nick: "GI JOE!"

Nick: [mumbles] "It's rated Teen."

Me: "WHAT?"


Grayson: "You did?"

Me: "Well, he left out the pertinent point until after I'd said yes. But I'll watch it as they play it, and if it's worse than Star Wars, we'll turn it off."

So there was that little lie of omission on Sunday, and then yesterday morning when the alarm went off, I heard Nathaniel jump out of bed and run downstairs without brushing his teeth or going to the bathroom. When Grayson went downstairs, I asked him to check with Nathaniel to see if he'd brushed his teeth. He later reported back that he had. I marched straight into the bathroom and found a sink and toothbrush that were both dry as a bone.

[And here is where I realize I have turned into my mother -- complete with references to "DRY AS A BONE" -- because she both checked our toothbrushes AND smelled our breath while attending to this very matter when we were growing up.]

So I went downstairs and called Nathaniel up.

Me: "Why did you tell Daddy you'd brushed your teeth?"

Nathaniel: "Because I did."

Me: "No, you didn't. Come here. Sink: DRY. Toothbrush: DRY. Brush them now. And Don't Lie To Me."

Nathaniel: [abashed] "Okay."

So here's the thing: those are the little lies. But they are only 7 and 5. Am I the only one worried about the Big Ones to come? 2018, I fear you.


Rachel said...

We've been dealing with those too. If you come up with any great ideas please share them. :)I'd love to know.

RLR said...

Same here. I also check the toothbrush to see if it's dry!

Mommy Kerin said...

My little guys are 5 and 3, they get me with these little lies all the time! I also fear the future ;)

paige said...

Plus - your kids, especially Nathaniel, seem exceptionally smart. You've got no chance. :)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I have no ideas on what to do to make them tell the truth, but I'll let you know if I come up with anything groundbreaking. They're smart little guys, like Paige said, so I'm going to have to figure out how to outsmart THEM!

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