Aug 6, 2010

Friday favorites and some Ruminations for good measure

1. If I had to identify a blog that makes me laugh every single day, it would be June's. One, most people just aren't that funny. And two, most people don't post every single day. So I guess that narrows the list a little, but still, June ALWAYS has something funny to say. You just have to be willing to follow the ramble all the way to the point. And then be OK with it if there's no actual point. I just re-read this one again and I'm not sure IT has a point, but I need to share it with you anyway.

2. I've only been reading this blog for a couple of weeks, but I love to visit. It's written by a mom who dresses her daughter up while she naps and tries to capture her dreams right there on the den floor. Now that I type that, it sounds a little creepy. But that doesn't diminish my love of it. It seems a little untenable as a long-term blog topic, but perhaps it's PERFECT for the long-term. At least the baby is a girl ... boys might not stand for it after a year or two.

3. I don't have a single rainbow-colored thing in my house that I can think of. I'm generally not into rainbows as a design device, but when I read this post over at Furbish, the pictures just made me smile. Plus, PANTONE MUGS. Swoon. The whole post reminded me of Meg's rainbow cake -- which, when I become the mother I aspire to be, I will make.

4. I hope you visit Ruminations at least once a week. But in case you don't, and you depend on me for the highlights every once in a while, here are some of my favorites from the last few days:

- I was at a BP filling up my tank and a sign literally read, "You are responsible for any spills." Indeed, BP. Indeed.
- I have no sympathy for my child. You don't want to eat your vegetables? Too bad, I've seen you eat glue and boogers.
- Nothing is more annoying than when you clearly get to a stop sign first, and the person going the opposite direction waves you to go as if they are doing you a favor.
- I don't know about you, but when I'm paying for gas at the pump and it tells me to "remove card quickly," I yank that thing out at lightning speed. I take that s**t seriously.
- I try not to be as hard on myself as I am on other people.
- I thought I had mastered that look both ways before crossing the street thing back in kindergarten. Then I went to England. Turns out I've gotten lazy and have only been looking in the direction I expect cars to be coming from.
- Nothing makes me listen to something harder than lowered voices a couple cubicles over.
- The moment you tell me that you want to customize the order we're about to call in for takeout is the moment you've won the privilege of telling them so yourself.
- I just got an email announcing our new staff assistant, Brinkley. I'm not sure if they're a girl, a boy, or a Golden Retriever.

1 comment:

Wade's World said...

The rumination about looking both ways in traffic had me dying laughing, in an embarasssing, "I should remember I'm at work while reading this" kind of way!

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