Aug 12, 2010

And just like that, they marched off into the future

The boys were so excited on Tuesday night that they had a hard time falling asleep. When their alarm went off at 6:15 yesterday morning, it continued to blare for several minutes. I walked in their room to see Nathaniel sleepily punching the "Off" button, then looking over at me through bleary eyes. He pointed to the alarm clock and grunted, "Sorry. I thought it was the lunchroom." It's possible he wasn't yet firing on all cylinders.

And Nicholas still hadn't moved a muscle, so clearly they were starting the day exhausted.

We made it out to the bus stop at 6:50, at which time it was already 82 degrees.

The temperature didn't bother them, and take a good look at those shirts, because it's probably the last year they'll wear something that cute at the same time. (There's a link in my sidebar to 3Ts and Me if you like the shirts.)

Nathaniel, an old hand at elementary school, was full of advice for Nicholas about how they'd go to the lunchroom and have breakfast when they got to school, he should order "yellow toast" (buttered toast), and "the bus will be hee-ah any minute unless it already came, and if it's the same driver we had last yee-ah, she stops for just a second, and if nobody's there, she drives on."

HE WASN'T LYING. Last year's driver was exactly like that. Luckily this yee-ah we were outside for about three minutes before we heard the air brakes about a block away.

As it turned the corner and made its way down the hill, I could see that Nicholas was nervous, but he covered it expertly with his tough-guy attitude. You might think Grayson and I got at least a backward glance or a wave as they boarded the bus, but you'd be wrong.

Nada. Well, the bus driver smiled and waved. (Maybe she'll teach my sons some manners.)

Just like the two previous years, it was over before I really even knew it had begun.

I don't know why I always feel like it should be more ceremonial ... kids go off for their first day of school all the time. (Just look at Facebook.) But there go two of the people who hold my heart, one step closer to growing up and leaving me.

It feels important. It feels like a milestone. It deserves acknowledgment. Do you think confetti and balloons would be too much next year? Because clearly I'm not embarrassing them enough with the camera alone.


Lacy said...

They'll kill you one day for those t-shirts too... hehehehe! But they're so cute! You're going to DIE when it's Jake's turn aren't you? I think balloons and confetti would be quite appropriate. And can I just say your bus driver looks so much nicer than the ones we have around here... guess I'll ask you how she's doing in about month... think she'll look or be as friendly? LOL!

Carry Grace said...

They look adorable! Cade starts next year and I'm not so sure I'm ready.

Emily Henderson said...

that was adorable. your kids are incredibly cute, nice job making them...and those tees.

thanks for stopping by, i hope to hear from you soon,

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Lacy, our bus drivers have been great the past couple of years, so I'm hoping for the best!

Nikki, you probably won't feel ready when Cade goes to school ... but I bet you'll feel proud. I did.

Emily, I'm totally geeking out right now. Thanks for coming by my blog! Good luck on the finale of Design Star!

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