Jul 29, 2010

Yesterday, continued

So yesterday I posted the picture of the family stick-figure sticker that intrigued me. And then my friend and faithful reader Walt sent me THIS picture yesterday afternoon:

Umm, yes. That totally trumps my picture from yesterday. This is one of those Disney ones where everyone is wearing mouse ears. SO MANY QUESTIONS. Where did the dad and two of the kids go? Because it LOOKS like they were scratched off. And if they were, well, that's just too funny for words.

Did they die? Did they divorce and two of the kids wanted to go with Dad? Were they a blended family that suddenly got unblended? Did three of them opt out of the last Disney trip and lose their rights to the mouse ears forever?



Rachel said...

Words fail me! Oh my!

jennhenders said...

I guess you noticed that the ears are still there. Only the people under them have been eradicated. Mickey endures forever! :)

Nathan, Laurie, Elizabeth & Emily said...

I saw one where the dad's head was clearly cut off and the rest of the family was completely in tact. We laughed at that one for awhile!

Sarah T. said...

Reminds me of that picture Marty McFly is holding of his family in "Back to the Future."

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Jenn, one word: PRIORITIES.

Laurie, I would have CRACKED UP if I'd seen that. Who knew there were so many of these "modified" family stickers out there?

SET, me too. I never would have thought of that, though.

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