Jul 25, 2010

A round of applause for Jakey, please

I'm about to post some pictures that are going to drive Patrice bonkers because I didn't run them through the de-noiser. SORRY, P.

Jakey has started expressing some degree of interest in potty training. Well, not actually the potty training part of it, but he's started to let us know when he's uncomfortable in his wet or poopy diaper. He'll come to me, pulling his diaper away from his skin and say, "POOPY, MOMMY." It's a start.

And Thursday night he was willing to actually sit on the potty when he said he needed to pee-pee, which he typically hasn't been open to in the past.

It required a lot of concentration, you know.

And a lot of encouragement from Daddy.

And while nothing came out during the 90 seconds on the potty (all he could manage), I'm still thrilled that he's finally open to TRYING.

Think good thoughts, Internet. We're on our way.


Sewconsult said...

Such a big boy! Congratulations for getting one step closer to having a diaper free house! A really good feeling, isn't it?

Sarah T. said...

Go Jake!

Wade's World said...

Way to go Jake! And seriously...could he be any cuter?

HandyFamily said...

Yay! Gooo...Jake! Love the Bob pj's!

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