Jul 8, 2010

It's fun AND educational here

Night before last, Grayson posted the following on Facebook:

Top 4 Lessons from the Beach Trip So Far

1. The $50 for a real Morey Boogie Body Board was money well spent.
2. The Cheerwine filled Krispy Kreme Donuts are best when heated.
3. When the Internet goes out, instead of switching to face to face conversations, we just stare at each other and ask when the Internet will be back up.
4. You have to read the family blogs to keep up with what’s happening on the trip.

I would personally like to add:

5. I have totally forgotten how to bathe without a loofah. Washcloths are dead to me. And I can't get all this sunscreen off my skin.
6. Someone needs to create a transmogrifier that you can walk through between the beach and the house that spits you out on the house side sandless and smelling like a rose. With good hair.
7. Sunscreen is hell on my complexion.

In other news, today was more of the same in terms of beach activities ... just like we like it.

There was plenty of boogie-boarding:

And lots of digging in the sand.

Andrew and Gary took their boys (and one of mine) on a swim parallel to the beach, but fairly far out.

Charlie LOVED riding on his dad's back while he swam.

Gary was a real workhorse, even when big waves approached.

Even when the big waves completely engulfed them!

When we came back in from the beach, Matt had his arsenal ready at the hot tub. He attacked as soon as he saw the whites of the kids' eyes.

And he couldn't have been more pleased with himself.

After supper, we went back out to the beach to get our annual shot of the kids looking at the ocean.

No shot was perfect, since getting 13 kids to stand still, hold hands and look at the ocean is clearly an exercise in futility ... but we did okay.

We also got one of them facing the house ... not much more successful than the first, but still cute.

Their adorable shirts are by Smitten & Co.

As is the tradition, once they've "obeyed and posed" for the pictures, they get to run races on the beach.

They have so much fun just running from Point A to Point B, back and forth and back again.

And then I changed my boys' shirts and tried to get one good shot of them together in front of the dunes. It was after 8:00 and Jakey was practically falling asleep while I was taking the pictures, but I still thought this one was sweet.

Today is my day to prepare breakfast and lunch and team-cook supper with Tiffany, so I'm not sure how much picture-taking and blogging I'll be doing. But I'll try to check back in with at least a little something!


Ashley said...

The facebook post is hilarious, and the pictures are great! I love the watergun line up and the kids pictures! Very cute post!;)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

The watergun line-up was inspired, I must say. Matt is really just a kid at heart.

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