Jul 10, 2010

Goodbye, beautiful beach

It rained a good portion of yesterday, our last day on the beach. But that didn't change what a great time was had by all, all week long.

Unfortunately, it's already time to say goodbye ... where did the week go? It seems like we just got here. In keeping with the doldrums we felt from the rainshower and the knowledge that it was our last day, the ocean was quiet, almost lake-like yesterday.

Goodbye, Cousin Camp.

Goodbye, waves that rise above the heads of the children brave enough to challenge them.

Goodbye, big holes dug at morning and re-dug all day long.

Goodbye, lines of boys waiting to catch the perfect wave.

Goodbye, men who act like boys in the surf.

Goodbye, footraces on the sand.

Goodbye, comatose children on the bed mid-day, exhausted from the morning's activities.

Goodbye, colorful 4th-of-July apparel.

Goodbye, chairs perched at the surf's edge, ready to provide a respite from all the action.

Goodbye, sweet cousins in matching shirts, enjoying being in each other's presence more than anything else.

Until next year ...
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