Jul 16, 2010

Friday Favorites

I had a whole post ready to go on Jake giving up his pacis, but I guess I'm just not prepared to publish it ... not ready for potential criticism over letting him cry out his frustration some nights, not ready for negative comments, period. I guess I feel like it's already been difficult enough, and I don't want anything else to pile on top of that. Not that you guys are judgmental or anything. I just thought I'd save it for later, maybe, and pass along some of my favorite reads of the week instead.

- I LOVED this post from Sarah of quesarara, via Dooce. It's always affirming to know that you weren't the absolute MOST difficult teenager on the block. It's long but (in my opinion) worth the time.

- I read all about this book on Nesting Place and plan to add the book to my Amazon Wishlist. I want to entertain more often and care less about what people think about all the hairballs they might find under my ottoman.

- I've only been reading Kelle's blog since Nella was born (and if you haven't read this post, you are truly missing out), so I don't have the "history" with her that I have with some other bloggers I've read for years. So I was SO happy to read this anniversary post that included some older pictures of Kelle and Brett and a lot of good, old-fashioned reminiscing. At some point I need to make it a priority to go back and read her blog from the very beginning. (And I will. She's totally worth it.)

-  I don't know if this is right, but I know it's the way I feel. Sometimes I take a little flack for going too easy on people or apologizing for things that may not literally be entirely my fault. I knew there was a reason I did it; I just didn't know how to verbalize it. (Thanks for doing it for me, Abraham.)

- Lastly, I'm not going to link to a specific page of Ruminations, but will instead just link you to the home page. Because there is simply no reason that you shouldn't visit every day. It is a giggle factory.

If there's anything out there on the World Wide Web that you think I need to see this week, please leave it in the Comments!


Wade's World said...

Great links today!

And seriously, you changed my life for the better when you introduced me to Ruminations wth your first post on them. They are hilarious!

Natalie said...

I love that Ruminations also..so so funny!! And I am a big reader on cute little Nellas blog also..her mom is amazing and her photography rocks!! Have a great day!!

AJ said...

I love Kelle! She is always so positive and her photos are beautiful.

Wade's World said...

Oddly enough, I just got a Rumination published on their website today. You should check it out and "gourmet" it!


Sarah T. said...

I have to admit, I will miss going in to get Jake out of bed and finding him with a pacifier in his mouth and one in each hand. Cutest thing ever.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the Ruminations post, Amy! That's awesome!

Natalie, I totally agree on all counts. If I could take pictures like Kelle (or you!) I would be so happy.

AJ, Ditto!

SET, I know. But it was time for them to go. We're hoping daycare will back us up on this!

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