Jun 23, 2010

They love him so much, they gave him the best gift they could think of

Grayson is very popular at our house. So when it came time to choose a Father's Day gift, I let the boys choose for the first time ever.

They immediately asked me to start looking for one thing in particular, something that we'd been looking for at our every convenience but hadn't been able to find.

I made several calls and went to three different stores. Finally I found one that had it, and I had them hold it for me.

Know what it is yet? That's right!

Toy Story Mania for the Wii! Not the new one that came out this week, noooooo. I have been on the hunt for a USED copy of the old one ... and we finally hit the jackpot. Not three minutes after Grayson opened it, they were all piled in the den taking it for a spin.

We'd enjoyed the ride so much at Disney that they just couldn't wait to re-live the excitement. Not that our den holds the same appeal as Disney, but you know. We try.

They played several practice rounds to get their game on.

And then they took Zurg on in earnest. You can see that the actual gift recipient had to patiently wait his turn while Quality Control performed its tests.

I've already chosen my two favorite games-within-the-game. One of them is this glorified ring toss:

Anyway, it's a big hit around here. Last night all the way home from school the boys were chomping at the bit to get home and start playing.

One other thing about Father's Day that made me laugh was the "All About Daddy" booklet that Nathaniel wrote at the end of first grade (and hid for a month so he could give it to Grayson last weekend).

I love it when my father plays with me. (True.) My father likes to eat. (Truer.)

Dear Dad, I love you because you give me my alawens's evre Friday.

THAT'S OUR BOY. All about the $3 allowance.


Rachel said...

What game is that? I think my Toy Story lovers around here would love it!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Toy Story Mania. You can still buy it new at Amazon or in stores; we just wanted to buy it used to save $10! It really is a lot of fun, although it has that annoying Wii thing where you have to pass a bunch of testing levels before you can "unlock" parts of the game.

Sewconsult said...


Wade's World said...

Love it! And the picture of Daddy waiting his turn to play "his" gift is so funny!!

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